The 10 account reviews we predicted in 2014

2014People ask “what makes The Ratti Report different?” 3 words:

Account Review Predictions!

Check out a list of 2014 account reviews we got right. (these are only the big ones)


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PATRON_SILVER_1_75lt• November 4, 2013: we predicted Patrón would go into review by the summer because the new CMO & COO had change written all over them

• August 5, 2014: AdAge announces the review

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 4.58.01 PM• December 16, 2013: with multiple executive changes and increased marketing budgets we had to project OppenheimerFunds to go into review in 6ish months

• June 23, 2014: MediaPost reports on review

intel-1• May 5, 2014: We said high profile CMOs like Mr. Fund from Staples get hired to bring change. That change could very likely be an agency review.

• August 27, 2014: AdAge announces the review

Stolichnaya-vodka• November 15, 2012: We predicted the Stoli Vodka account would go into review because in January of 2014 they were changing distributors

• January 10, 2014: AdWeek announces the review

red-lobster-logo• December 20, 2013: Once Darden decided to sell Red Lobster, we knew there will be a review

• April 10, 2014: AdWeek announces the review

29768379-83b4-48ca-a585-699c0c8f2ead• August 8, 2014: We said CarMax had to clear the political decks and that would included an ad review

• According to Access Confidential, the review began on August 31, 2014

• November 18, 2014: AdWeek reports there are 3 finalists

KmYyjCQ__400x400• October 7, 2013: We said Sprint would go into review once the planned sales/marketing shake-up was complete

• September 2, 2014: AdAge announces the review

blackberry-link-01-535x535• December 20, 2013: We reported the new Blackberry CMO was under too much pressure not to review the account
• According to Access Confidential, the review began on June 30, 2014

• October 2, 2014: MediaPost Announces the review winner

GNC logoSeptember 22, 2014: We told you the “Beat Average” campaign was crap and that you should pitch

December 15, 2014: AdWeek Announces the Review

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