Soup delivery with deep pockets launches

Steve’s breakdown: Campbell’s is just starting an online soup delivery and we believe they are going to be very careful about this launch. In another words, they are not just going to give this account to a roster agency.

CAMDEN, NJ: US food giant Campbell Soup has confirmed it is testing an online service in its domestic market to deliver soup to shoppers’ doors.

Amid flagging soup sales, Campbell will begin a pilot test of the programme next month.

Campbell has struggled to put on sales as demand for goods sold in the traditional centre aisles of supermarkets, such as tinned soup, stagnates, with consumers increasingly heading to the perimeter of stores where fresher food is typically kept.

In Campbell’s last financial year, which ran to 30 July, the company’s US soup sales fell 1%. In the first quarter of Campbell’s current financial year, a period that ran to 29 October, the company saw its US soup sales fall by 9%, “driven by declines in condensed soup, broth and ready-to-serve soups”.

The test project will allow customers to browse for canned soups on Campbell’s website and have them shipped from its warehouses to their front doors.

A spokesman for Campbell’s told just-food: “It’s a very early stage pilot, it’s a test and learn project. It’s not a launch of any kind and it’s a small market test.

“Our goal is to reinvent the centre of the store, which includes soup but it’s much more. Our Disruptive Innovation team is really interested in challenging the conventional CPG model and experimenting with how products are developed, how brands are born and how we go to market.

“They work on early stage development with a test and learn mindset and operate like a start-up within Campbell.”


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