From the “What the Sam Hell is going on here” Department

Steve’s breakdown: Laundry that smells fresh forever gets washed less. Don’t ya think?

It’s the opposite of almost all CPG advertising in the past 50 years. So how is this information a lead? It’s not information. It’s real and you can use it for evil. We’re supposed to be doing it anyway . . .

Remember how we (the advertising biz, AKA the Dark Side) starting making up problems when there really wasn’t any. Exhibit 1) The Cleo Award Winning Dial campaign: Aren’t you glad you use Dial. Don’t you wish everybody did?

Then there was the dreaded “Morning Breath”. Yeah, it’s bad but just go brush your teeth – right? Not the ad world. You need Scope

So what happened with laundry? When did it become okay to never wash your clothes. I’m So Confused!!!!

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