Flip Flop Shops is on the move . . .

ca_shopfrontSteve’s breakdown: . . . but they are going to need some help. As for their big expansion plan, think Sunglass Hut.

The main contacts are Brian Curin, president of Flip Flop Shops and Howard Siegel, president and COO, Cherokee Global Brands.

LOS ANGELES, CA: Flip Flop Shops is expanding in both the physical and online channels.
The company, which was acquired by Cherokee Global Brands last year, is introducing a new “super kiosk” format. Measuring approximately 300 sq. ft. and built in the shape of a giant flip flop, the concept is slated for national rollout. It is designed to offer a nimble and novel format expansion to Flip Flop Shops’ retail presence.
“We are excited about the potential to scale Flip Flop Shops Super Kiosks through a multitude of partnership models including retail shop-in-shops, and to expand Flip Flop Shops into new venues such as theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, airports and college campuses,” said Brian Curin, president, Flip Flop Shops, which currently operates approximately 100 franchised stores in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Middle East and South Africa, with over 100 additional locations in development worldwide.
“Cherokee Global Brands’ existing retailer relationships, along with our growing brand portfolio, will present new opportunities to expand Flip Flop Shops’ presence and brand offerings.”
In more channel expansion, Flip Flop Shops will launch its e-commerce site this October.
“As the one-year anniversary of our acquisition of Flip Flop Shops nears, it’s great to see momentum building on so many levels despite the challenging domestic retail environment. We are looking forward to building on the numerous growth opportunities to come,” said Howard Siegel, president and COO, Cherokee Global Brands.

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