Trouble in Paradise? Accounts won one year ago this week

Steve’s breakdown: It’s Wednesday and that means our weekly instalment of Trouble in Paradise where we list the accounts won this week last year. The idea being most agency-client relationships will break within a year if they are meant to break.

EVERYWHERE USA: So here are the accounts won one year ago this week. The chart shows the client, the agencies, the account size, the account type and date of the win. Source: Access Confidential

New York Life Insurance Company Landor Associates Branding 09-19-2011
Burger King Corporation Coyne Public Relations Public Relations 09-19-2011
Zen Planner, LLC 90octane Interactive 09-18-2011
Esurance Inc. Leo Burnett USA / Leo Burnett Worldwide Agency of Record 09-18-2011
The Snack Factory, Inc. AMP Agency Agency of Record 09-18-2011
Generac Power Systems C-K Agency of Record 09-18-2011
BMW of North America, LLC Matlock Advertising & Public Relations $160 MM African-American 09-15-2011
BMW of North America, LLC Ramona $160 MM Hispanic 09-15-2011
MINI USA Sanders/Wingo Multicultural 09-15-2011

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