Coffee Account Creative Crash

Steve’s breakdown: A quintessential New York coffee brand got a makeover that hit a sour note with some locals. The Chock Full O’ Nuts can has people in an uproar PLUS it has to tell people there are no nuts in the coffee.

Anyway, these guys should get a call from one of you about this whole screw-up.

Dennis Crawford is a marketing manager on the brand that is quoted in this article. And then there’s Brian Kubicki at and (757) 215-7381 who is Vice President, Marketing at Massimo Zanetti Beverage. They are the owners of the brand.

NEW YORK, NY & PORTSMOUTH, VA: A quintessential New York coffee brand got a makeover that hit a sour note with some locals.

CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer explains, there are changes coming for Chock Full O’ Nuts.

“Better coffee a millionaire’s money can’t buy,” said a distinctive jingle the brand started using in the 1950s. People still sing it today.

While the jingle will stay, the can has received a big makeover. The New York skyline has been redrawn and a big ‘no nuts’ disclaimer has been added as certification that the coffee is pure — no nuts.

Marketing manager Dennis Crawford said it’s because people outside of New York get confused.

“Sometimes they think there’s something in there besides 100 percent pure coffee,” he said.

There’s also another change.

The old label used to say ‘New York’s Coffee Since 1932,’ that’s all gone on the new label.

At the Chock Full O’ Nuts store in Midwood, Brooklyn the change has proven hard for some to swallow.

“If they remove the New York coffee, they’re not gonna sell it anywhere because New York you know, is the hub of America,” manager Ehmed Faizan said.

“It could cut both ways depending on your frame of mind,” Beth Preminger said, “If you’re not having a good day, you’d like to be in New York.”

Officials said removing New York was not an anti-Big Apple thing. It’s just that in trying to sell coffee outside New York, they’ve detected an unexpected bias.

“The bias that we hear is really not against New York, sometimes it’s against the New York sports teams because they’re very good,” Crawford said.

People also said they miss the datenut bread and cream cheese sandwiches that were discontinued about a year ago at Chock Full O’ Nuts stores — those won’t be coming back.


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