Introducing Louis XIV Energy Drink

timthumbSteve’s breakdown: Louis XIV seems to have “exploded onto Europe’s cultural and nightlife experience.” It’s coming to Canada via California based Envoy group. No doubt the USA is next.

VALENCIA, CA: Envoy Group (OTC:ENVV), a development stage company, agreed with BVD Ltd. for exclusive distribution rights for the Louis XIV Energy Drinks within Canada.

Envoy Group said in a statement on Monday that it is planning a comprehensive, strategic marketing and distribution campaign for the energy drink that will greatly appeal to the high end market across the Canada.

The Louis XIV Brand is a premier energy drink.

The product roll out will start as soon as import regulatory measures are met, Envoy said.

Envoy said it will not be proceeding with its acquisition of Picante Gaming. The principals of Picante have elected to keep the company private. Currently only available in Europe, Louis XIV has developed revolutionary, unique and vibrant energy drinks.

The drinks’ full-bodied citric base stands alone as a perfect refresher and is an inspired complementary mixer in European nightclubs.

Louis XIV Energy Drinks have exploded onto Europe’s cultural and nightlife experience.

“We are delighted to be bringing the Louis XIV Energy Drink line and lifestyle to Canada,” Envoy’s CEO, Harp Sangha said in the statement.

Shares of the Valencia, California-based company have lost half their value this year.


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