Sexceral: No really, Sexceral

Sexceral: No really, Sexceral

Steve’s breakdown: They already got some great PR on daytime TV but their messaging is all wrong. Give’m a call and straighten it out.

TORONTO, Canada: Have you noticed something missing in the sex department? Is the flare just not as flare gun-y as it used to be? Well, obviously, you’ve been taking cereal for that. Oh, you haven’t already been coordinating the first meal of your day with your sex life? Ruh roh!

Okay, seriously though: I have always been a little wary of any product that claims it’s a well-designed food aphrodisiac. A few years ago, I was given these little jelly-filled chocolates at a sex store by the shopkeeper and told in a wary tone, “Just do not eat more than one at a time, you’ll be…insatiable.” I went home, popped one in an hour or so before my boyfriend came over, felt no different, watched a bit of porn, took another, still felt no different and eventually drove myself to 711 so I could eat nachos while I waited for the dude. Nevertheless, I still kind of want to try SEXCEREAL.

SEXCEREAL is a granola-based breakfast cereal that has separate types for men and women, and insists this can enhance individuals’ sex lives. For women, ingredients like almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and oat bran apparently assist in hormonal balance and looking like a pin-up girl (because, as we know, all women who look like the above lady obviously must have an excellent sex life!). For men, there are ingredients like bee pollen, black sesame, goji berries and pumpkin seeds in their cereal to support testosterone.

My desire to try this granola for fiends is probably just due to my serious love of nearly any type of cereal ever (NOT TRIX), but I also just think that a mélange of these typically healthy ingredients might actually boost overall well-being. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it could boost your bedroom life, but then again, being healthy in general is conducive to good sex.

Are there any aphrodisiac products you folks have tried that you’d be down to share? Let us know in the comments!


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