Halloween crushed this company: Now need serious comm strategy

Steve’s breakdown: The news has yet to broken in the US regarding Ring.com’s totally shut down on Halloween. The one day you need the doorbell more than ever and the system crashes. Twitter is on fire with all its customers, including me, just furious. What now? You call and tell them you know how to fix the situation. That’s What!


Call their competitor, Nest doorbell, and take advantage of the situation.

SANTA MONICA, CA: Ring, the video doorbell and now security camera company, is having a bad evening.

Perhaps it got spooked by Halloween or perhaps it just cannot cope the vast amount of users  all trying to login.

It is Halloween, both in the UK and the USA, we suspect a lot of users are all trying to view live streams or answer the door – possibly like they have never experienced before.

In addition to it being Halloween, recently we have noticed a lot more awareness for the tech and Ring itself with big names like QVC and Curry PC World heavily promoting the products.

Increased sales will have created increased demand and stress upon their servers and tech. The status below shows how the events started with the first issues reported at 19:39 with the issue identified and located at 20:32.

At the time of writing the servers and all products are down.
Ring Status UKRings users are not happy and if we were Ring we would be worried especially as Nest recently made the announcement they are entering the space with a Nest doorbell.

Hopefully these are just ‘growing pains’ and Ring will resolve the issue soon with a statement about how they are preventing it happening again.

To see the live status of Ring’s servers you can visit: http://status.ring.com

We have asked Ring for a comment and will update you if we receive one.


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