BtoB client could open door to hundreds of smaller BtoC clients

BtoB client could open door to hundreds of smaller BtoC clients

Steve’s breakdown: So Curate is looking for a CMO and maybe you have the perfect match for this BtoB client that services hundreds of wedding and event companies with their platform. It could be a totally speed dating situation once you win Curate . . .

The CMO description post is below

ST. LOUIS, MO: The Grammy’s. The FedEx Open. The BET Awards. Over 60,000 weddings. These are a few of the events that our customers have Curated. We’ve given small business owners around the globe hundreds of thousands of hours back to their families and business. And we’d like you to lead our team in St. Louis in finding more businesses to help more deeply.

It’s far from a bed of roses. Our goals are big, hairy, and aggressive…and we’re needing someone excited to take on the challenge. We’re asking you to build a 7 figure company into an 8 figure company and to lead a team who has never done it before. We’ve built out some plays but you’re going to have to build out most of the processes you need to be successful. You’ll also have to be personally hands-on in some of the efforts until you can grow the team. You’re going to be expected to move quickly – we have a 6-day sales cycle. If something is failing, you’ll know next week. Based on what we need, you’re likely to have a background in marketing, and yet we’re asking you to own every dollar down to customer retention.

There is some good news. We have an exceptional product-market fit. We have a 6-day sales cycle and 54% of our demos close. So we need someone who views revenue as a science rather than an art. We’ve built a decent inbound strategy that you can build on top of. We also deal with a high quantity of SMB leads so we have a boatload of data that you can dig into and iterate on. You will be in charge of the revenue teams in the company and will be key to strategic growth. You will have a team that is ready to do the effort in implementing strategic, data-driven decisions.


This job is measured on net ARR generated. That’s it. No number of hours worked or best efforts. And if that clarity excites you, I’d like to chat with you. Curate is a software-as-a-service that supports event professionals in curating flawless events and we need you to lead the effort in finding more people we can help.


$200k comp package of cash and equity. Health and Dental Insurance contributions. Stock options. 401k available. Unlimited vacation / time-off.


  • Personally leading our revenue team members and communicating goals and expectations
  • Coaching your teams to grow their abilities and careers
  • Daily testing and iteration of marketing, sales, and customer expansion work
  • Working with the CEO on strategic, data-driven action plans for moving our funnel statistics
  • Executing on said plan
  • Daily reporting to the CEO of results
  • Communicating with the product and development teams as you see patterns of what is needed for more customers to come on board
  • Owning and delivering multi-channel marketing campaigns across paid media channels
  • Conversion rate optimization for every single conversion across the funnel
  • Recommending project budgets and forecasting anticipated budget spending
  • Ensuring consistent messaging and flawless execution for our brand across all customer touchpoints
  • P&L Management
  • Working with our CFO on projections for the company

Skills / Knowledge fitting the description:

  • An executor who thinks strategically
  • Strong initiative, planning, thought-leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills
  • Outstanding leadership and people management abilities with demonstrated relationship-building, collaboration, and communications skills
  • Conscious of ROI and obsessive over results.
  • Strives for impact first, creativity second
  • Experience managing digital marketing technology or other customer technology platforms (CRM)
  • Heavy background in inbound marketing (online, mobile, social, display advertising, paid search, SEO, email)
  • Technical marketing background with an understanding of advanced attribution
  • Familiarity with data, regression analyses, querying data, and whatever other data science terms are required to do what needs done
  • Experience in content management design, architecture, and/or implementation
  • Experience with the use of website analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics, GTM, Web-trends, Search Console, etc.)
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and execute multiple, complex and iterating programs, with budget responsibility
  • Understanding of GAAP accounting
Minimum Qualifications:

  • 8+ years of marketing or CRO experience, preferably at B2B SaaS companies
  • In-depth understanding of SaaS economics such as LTV, CAC, payback period, burn rate, etc.
  • Proven success implementing online marketing campaigns (or similar roles in product or marketing)
  • Proven success in seeing gaps and hiring A players to fill them.
  • Experience leading the hiring process of 20+ people under you in your career
  • Data analysis experience through marketing, product, and/or customer data
  • Experience leading initiatives in a changing environment with a customer-focused orientation.
  • Experienced in defining and refining playbook for establishing new categories (or piggybacking off established ones) and establishing the organization as the clear market leader.
  • Reading through the qualifications of a job posting
  • Technical prowess enough to make HTML/CSS/JS adjustments in code and ability to work through a technical marketing stack

Preferred Qualifications:

  • VP or C-Level marketer that grew an organization from less than $5MM to past $15MM in revenue
  • Experience working directly with product teams or software engineers

Because we’re getting a larger than expected response to this job, could you please answer these questions on the “message” section of the application? Thanks.

  • In your current job, how do you measure CAC and what was the marketing contribution to the CAC?
  • Have you ever been a leader in a company past $1m in revenue whose revenue increased by over 200% year over year?
  • Has a sales organization ever directly reported to you?
  • Do you have experience measuring and negating churn?
  • Have you ever been in a B2B SaaS company?
  • Do you understand that you will be leading an awesome team on-site in St. Louis?


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