Fixing ESPN should be on your Pitch List

Fixing ESPN should be on your Pitch List

Steve’s breakdown: Most cable stations have moved away from their roots. MTV was truly music on television but then came Real World and now we have Celebrity Copious Cupcake Chowdown: Charlottesville.

ESPN has also wandered from sports on television to talking heads-screaming-at-each-other-about-sports television. And there lies the problems. We just want to see sports. Sports radio has got the “Talking” part covered.

And we know Wieden & Kennedy can’t just start pitching programming ideas because they’re too close to the problem which also makes them money.

But pitching programming ideas is exactly what I’m proposing to you all. And I think they’ll take the meeting! I mean, Disney is sick-and-tired of ESPN’s poor performance and they need to do something about it or sell the channel.

So wacha got Ad Nation?

One of America’s favorite sports shows ever was pulled out of the butt of an ex-client of mine: Roone Allege. ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Got anything like that? Something better?


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