This Guy Needs Traditional Advertising to Grow-Up

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a new COO at Reddit who wants to hit 1 billion users. Okay, clearly using their own platform to do so is not working so how about this? ADVERTISING!

At the very least, speaking with agencies has to be on the “To Do” list . . .

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Digital media veteran Jen Wong has been named Reddit’s chief operating officer effective immediately, the company said Thursday. The move comes less than three months after she stepped down as president of digital and chief operating officer at Time Inc. (WSJ / CMO Today)

In the new role, Wong will oversee a number of divisions including sales, business development, marketing, finance and operations. Wong, who described herself as an avid user of the platform, said she wants to grow its current monthly user base of 330 million to as high as 1 billion. (Adweek)

Among other things, she headed the Foundry, Time Inc.’s branded content studio. Before that, Wong served for more than two years as Popsugar’s chief business officer, and for close to two years as AOL Media’s global head of business operations. (Variety)


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