New Star Wars business to Pitch

New Star Wars business to Pitch

Steve’s breakdown: One of my sweetest account wins was snatching Star Wars: Phantom Menace away from the entire Hasbro agency roster while at Posnick & Kolker. Now with Disney as the future owner, the brand and all the licensing is up in the air.

Oh – and did we mention, they are going to produce NEW movies!!!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: On CNBC, of all places, Bob Iger confirmed a whole bunch of rumors that have been floating around for a while. The plan is to do the new trilogy in six years, which means one every two years rather than every three as per previous pattern. But also during that period, there will be standalone films, and Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are working on them.

Last night, somebody tipped off Harry Knowles that some of these standalone films would be based around existing characters – something Iger also confirmed – and that the first one would be about Yoda, which is still just rumor, and may be a case of studio folks testing the waters to see how the AICN crowd reacts.

I’m not crazy about the character-based idea – surely we can get more creative and invent new protagonists – but I’m definitely opposed to a Yoda movie. The whole point of Yoda in Empire originally was that he was unexpected, and the opposite of what you’d expect the teacher of all Jedi to be. The prequels have killed that element of surprise, but there’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding him, and I think most of us fans would be happy if it stayed that way…although, as a kid, I can imagine wanting more. But kids always want more – moderation must be learned.

On the other hand, if they let Tommy Wiseau make the Jar Jar movie, I’ll be there with my tomatoes on day one. I’ll root for them all to be better than the Ewok movies and that Clone Wars theatrical feature.

Meanwhile, Temuera Morrison’s agent sits by the phone, fingers crossed so hard that they bleed. And Kasdan’s agent lays a down-payment on a new house.

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