New Station to Launch by Canned Men

Steve’s breakdown: Not the guy in the picture. The logos! The ousted NPR News Chief & ex-Fox News Execs Teaming Up on New Site called LaCorte News

Here’s a bad sign and a wrong choice of words. They say the channel will be “fair and balanced”

YIKES! You want to approach? It’ll at least be entertaining!

NEW YORK, NY: One was ousted from NPR amid allegations of sexual harassment. The other left Fox News shortly after writing a column widely panned as racist and anti-gay. Now they’ve been recruited to help launch a new digital news startup with the stated goal of restoring faith in media. (Politico)

Former Fox News executive Ken LaCorte has recruited former NPR news chief Michael Oreskes and former Fox News executive editor John Moody to help lead LaCorte News. LaCorte said his new site will be a “fair and balanced” media option. (The Hill)

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