Sold: Philadelphia Weekly

2016-07-17-Philadelphia-weekly-newspaper-boxSteve’s breakdown: They are talking about blowing the newspaper out. So look for Philadelphia Weekly to step up the self promotion. You might as well be the ones doing the work.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Philadelphia’s flagging alternative weekly is poised for a comeback.

So says Richard Donnelly, president of Donnelly Distribution, who announced on Monday that he had bought Broad Street Media, publisher of Philadelphia Weekly, for an undisclosed sum, and would immediately expand its circulation to areas outside Center City.

The relaunched Broad Street Media will be headed by Don Russell, a former Philadelphia Daily News reporter and beer columnist, best known as “Joe Sixpack.”

BSM also publishes the South Philly Review, the Northeast Times, the Princeton Packet, and several magazines in the Pennsylvania suburbs and South Jersey.

Russell, who will serve as the entire group’s editor-in-chief, said his first priority was “to get Philadelphia Weekly back on its feet.”

During the last two years, the alt-weekly jettisoned news to focus on entertainment, shrank from 100 pages to about 30, and lost advertisers, Russell said.

“We’re bringing news back,” Russell said. “We’re adding pages, adding writers, and adding more stories.”

Russell said he planned to add both staff and freelancers. “It’s my belief that a quality publication will attract more advertising,” he said.


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