Spanish Language Lead

Spanish Language Lead

Steve’s breakdown: Univison has new owners and who knows if their ad agencies can survive the change. Worth check out!

NEW YORK, NY: Spanish-language broadcaster Univison has sold a majority stake to an investment group led by Searchlight Capital Partners and ForgeLight. (Adweek)

The deal valued Univision at less than $10 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. (WSJ)

The valuation is a far cry from the $13.7 billion at the time of Univision’s leveraged buyout in 2006 when broadcasters—not yet damaged by cord cutting and the streaming era—were a major prize. (Bloomberg)

The group of investors also includes ex-Viacom finance chief Wade Davis. Davis will become the company’s new chief executive after the deal closes later this year. (New York Post)


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