Start Your Engines! Baltimore Grand Prix puts Marketing and PR account in Review

Steve’s breakdown: This is one of the few times we report on an account review with an RFP thast’s due in less than two weeks. The reason is the client didn’t give anybody two weeks to complete the RFP so all contenders are in the same boat. You can view the RFP here. The featured video gives you an idea of the event.

BALTIMORE, MD: The new organizers of the Baltimore Grand Prix are seeking local advertising, marketing and public relations agencies to help promote the 2012 race.

Downforce Racing, the new group approved on Wednesday by the city to manage the race, issued Feb. 19 a request for proposals to help with the promotion of the Grand Prix. The group is looking for firms that can help with branding, advertising, marketing, regional sponsorship sales and social media presence for the race.

Proposals are due to Downforce Racing by March 2. Interested applicants can submit proposals at Downforce Racing must comply with the city’s minority- and women-owned contracting laws.

Dan Reck, one of the three partners in Downforce Racing, said interested groups can submit proposals to manage either single or multiple aspects of the race promotion, or to handle the race’s whole account. Reck also said Downforce Racing is looking to work with firms located in Maryland.

“What we’re really hoping people can do is show us if you spend a dollar here, it turns into some multiple of that in our bottom line,” Reck said.

Downforce Racing must comply with the city’s minority- and women-owned contracting laws.

Applicants do not need prior experience marketing a race, Reck said. He also said that Downforce Racing is willing to work with vendors from last year’s race “that may have lost money in their dealings with the prior promoter.” (View the RFP)

The Leffler Agency    and CBS Radio handled some of the marketing for the 2011 race. Local PR maven Edie Brown handled the event’s public relations.

The city canceled its contract Dec. 30 with Baltimore Racing Development, organizers of the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix. The group faces multiple lawsuits from vendors alleging they were not paid for their services.

The 2012 Baltimore Grand Prix is scheduled for Labor Day weekend.


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