The Divas of the WWE need rebranding

WWE RattiSteve’s breakdown: Nothing is going to happen until WrestleMania 32 but they clearly have gotten the female wrestlers all wrong. That might be an opening for a branding agency to take care of the problem.

STAMFORD, CT: Supporters of women’s wrestling in WWE have long lamented the fact that the women’s division on the main roster has been branded as the Divas division for quite some time. However, those who wish for women’s wrestling to receive the respect that it deserves on the main roster in WWE will reportedly soon be getting their wish.

According to a report from, WWE has already commissioned a new Women’s Championship belt that they plan to debut on the episode of WWE RAW after WrestleMania 32, traditionally one of the most exciting and groundbreaking episodes of RAW annually. Obviously this would mean that the Divas division would be no more and, mercifully, the same can be said for the “Butterfly” Divas title.

If there was ever the perfect time to disband the Divas division, doing so after WrestleMania 32 is 100 percent that time. One of the marquee matches on the show features a triple threat for the Divas Championship (while it still exists, of course) between the champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. All three women can be largely credited with the support of women’s wrestling in WWE after making their bones in NXT before coming to the main roster.

This change is undoubtedly a welcomed one to most WWE fans, especially those who have seen what the women in the company are capable of in the squared circle when given the opportunity in NXT.

Perhaps the one major question, though, is what will become of the WWE-based reality show Total Divas once that term for female wrestlers in the company becomes defunct. Whatever does happen, though, transitioning away from it is the right call and it’s refreshing to see WWE moving in that direction.

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