Tune into Barstool Sports

63ef2e4a93Steve’s breakdown: Barstool Sports has their first CEO, a new headquarters in NYC and a new owner in The Chernin Group. Sounds like a great time to find your inner sports fan and introduce yourself.

NEW YORK, NY: Bro-driven media brand Barstool Sports has hired its first female senior executive, Erika Nardini, as CEO.

“This is a man’s city,” the company’s president, Dave Portnoy, growled in a video announcing Nardini’s appointment on Tuesday. “We need somebody with big-ass balls dragging on the ground, alpha male. Go into a meeting and command the room. We have found, and I mean we have found, our CEO, our boss, a masculine boy.”

Portnoy — who founded the satirical sports, comedy and pop culture website in 2003 — then introduced, “My boss, big old balls, Erika Nardini.”

The most recent role on Nardini’s resume was president and chief revenue officer of Bkstg, a platform that connects music fans and artists. She previously served as chief marketing officer of AOL.

Barstool Sports, which has moved its headquarters from Boston to New York, was acquired in January by The Chernin Group for a reported valuation of $10 million to $15 million.

Nardini is the company’s first CEO.


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