United States Military Academy RFP for Mobile Media Marketing

Steve’s breakdown: That’s West Point to you soldier! They’ve already moved the due date on this once. It’s February 7th now. Here’s the link to all the documentation you’ll need: Army

WEST POINT, NY: United States Military Academy

  1. Vendor shall serve up ads to top public high schools in top 20 metro Designated Marketing Areas (DMA’s) e.g., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, et al., for two 3-month periods:

    These ads will:

    1. Provide USMA with between 250,000 and 500,000 impressions per DMA® per month.
    2. Be capped as frequently as needed to ensure the digital campaigns run through the entirety of preferred duration of 5 months.
  2. Vendor will coordinate the best ROI opportunities within specific DMA® locations as based on the predictive model.
  3. Vendor will leverage first party data to reach target consumers directly across digital, mobile, and social platforms. Vendor will optimize USMA’s search names and inquiries by matching first-party data to unique cookie IDs and/or device IDs and targeting digital, mobile, and social media to those students as they browse the Web, use their favorite Apps, or engage on Facebook.
  4. Vendor will provide USMA with an annual Executive Data Review (EDR) that provides key insights about student interactions at each stage of the recruitment cycle. These insights will be used to support continued improvement of the matching algorithms to ensure optimal matching of best-fit students for West Point.
  5. Vendor will provide USMA with advanced notification of enrollment insights (Orange Notes) about the USMA’s target audience.
  6. Exclusive access to vendor’s online portal for on-demand data/information search for professional development and market intelligence for enrollment marketing.



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