2020 campaigns “started” last Wednesday: Want In?$

Steve’s breakdown: So who’s already running for President? Who cares – right? I’ll tell ya who, the folks with lots of cash who want Trump out. So start with the BIG money bags and work your way down as they drop out . . . . I think.


Mark Cuban

Age: 60

Resume: Reality TV star; NBA owner; Businessman and investor

What he’s known for: He knows how to play Trump — with an NBA team.

2020 status: A top Trump agitator in 2016, Cuban has the business background and potential name recognition to take down the former reality TV star in the White House.

Howard Schultz

Age: 65

Resume: CEO of Starbucks

What he’s known for: He’ll talk to the nation over a cup of coffee.

2020 status: The former head of a company he built into an internationally recognized brand, Schultz is often mentioned for business background. But in today’s hypercritical world is he willing to risk so directly tying Starbucks to a political campaign?

Tom Steyer

Age: 61

Resume: Investor; Activist; Philanthropist

What he’s known for: He’s a leading donor to the left, focused on climate activism.

2020 status: No one quite knows what Steyer is going to do with the massive list of people who have signed a petition to impeach President Donald Trump. But the California investor has passed on statewide runs, and after visiting every early state continues to stoke speculation that his ultimate prize is in Washington. Like others in this section, he could easily run without ever gladhanding a single donor.

Oprah Winfrey

Age: 64

Resume: Media executive; Philanthropist; Actress; Talk show host; Television producer

What she’s known for: Being Oprah.

2020 status: Of anyone on this list, no one has more consistently and emphatically denied interest in running. But we did get to see what it’s like when Oprah knocks on doors. Spoiler alert: There are no free cars.

The Rock

Age: 46

Resume: Actor; WWE wrestler

What he’s known for: Being the Rock and knowing what is cooking.

2020 status: Dwayne Johnson says he doesn’t have the experience for the job, but his name keeps reemerging. Who knows what the future holds if the “Fast and the Furious” franchise ever ends?




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