Brand Identity Project at Wake Technical Community College

Steve’s breakdown: The Secretary of Education visits Wake Tech in the video. As for the account: A Mandatory Preproposal Conference for all prospective offerors is scheduled for 10:00am Friday February 17, 2012 in Holding Hall Room 105 on the Main Campus; 9101 Fayetteville Road, Raleigh NC 27603. Additional questions concerning the specifications in this request for Proposal will be received until 12pm February 21, 2012. Sealed proposals are due 2:00 p.m., February 29, 2012. Click here to view document

RALEIGH, NC: Wake Technical Community College, “Wake Tech,” is the second largest of North Carolina’s 58 community colleges. It is a fully-accredited, two-year, public institution serving the citizens of Raleigh and surrounding Wake County. Wake Tech offers more than 180 degree, diploma, and certificate programs: associate’s degree programs in the arts, sciences, applied sciences, and general education; a college transfer program; and diploma and certificate programs in a wide variety of traditional trades and high- tech disciplines. In addition, Wake Tech offers a wealth of continuing education classes for professional development and personal enrichment.

Wake Tech trains the local public safety workforce – police, firefighters, and emergency responders. We have a highly-acclaimed nursing education program and provide training for a large percentage of the region’s allied health professionals – radiographers, lab technicians, dental hygienists. We train chefs and auto mechanics and offer specialized programs in areas such as biotechnology and digital game design. We have one of the largest basic skills programs in the state, helping adults learn reading and math skills, earn a high school diploma, and learn English as a second language. Our college transfer programs feature articulation agreements that allow students to complete the first two years of a four- year degree and matriculate at a number of public and private universities across the state.

Wake Tech is 50 years old and plans a public celebration of its 50th anniversary throughout 2013. The college was chartered in 1958 as the Wake County Industrial Education Center and began operation in 1963 with 34 full-time students. In 1964 it became the W.W. Holding Industrial Education Center and was known locally for many years as “Holding Tech.” Our name changed again in 1987, and we have grown steadily to serve an increasingly broader segment of the region’s population, with a more comprehensive array of courses and programs.

Wake Tech now includes five campuses (including one with national distinction for its “green” construction and operation), two training centers, multiple community sites, and an extensive online learning program. Annual enrollment is more than 64,000 students. The New York Times has cited Wake Tech as one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the country.

An economic impact study conducted in 2011 found that Wake Tech affects the local economy by creating income and by expanding the skills base and earning potential of the workforce. The Wake County economy annually receives roughly $65.1 million in regional income due to Wake Tech operations and capital spending; altogether, the average annual added income due to the activities of Wake Tech and its former students equals $2.3 billion, or approximately 5.7% of the total Wake County economy. (EMSI report will be available to bidders.)

Mission Statement:
The mission of Wake Technical Community College is to improve and enrich lives by meeting the lifelong education, training, and workforce development needs of the communities we serve. Our vision is a college that exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders for effective lifelong education, training, and workforce development by providing world-class programs and services. Wake Tech structures its operations, training, and educational programs around the core values of accountability, respect, responsibility, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Wake Tech is seeking a vendor to create a new brand identity for the college – an original concept and design to embody and represent Wake Tech in all communications (internal and external) and marketing efforts. The new brand identity must be visually compelling and distinctive (to become recognizable as synonymous with the college); must convey a clear, strong, and consistent message about what Wake Tech is and what sets it apart; and must encompass and connect all of the diverse components and divisions of the college.

The new brand identity will include (but is not limited to): concept (e.g., “college for the real world”), logo design, use of college colors, taglines, slogans… for print and visual media

The awarded vendor shall meet the following specific objectives:
1.    Audit existing brand: Define Wake Tech’s current brand identity in order to incorporate strengths and avoid weaknesses in new brand
2.    Research and create a new brand identity that will:

  • Differentiate Wake Tech from its competitors
  • Broaden and strengthen Wake Tech’s image and perceived value for the public, including potential donors and funders, students and prospective students, alumni, employees, and the community at large.
  • Convey the scope of services Wake Tech provides and the short- and long-term benefits of those services, to individuals and to the community.
  • Reflect and reinforce the mission, vision, and core values of the college, as determined by Wake Tech.

3.    Create appropriate and effective messages and taglines and present to Wake Tech for final approval

4. Create brand architecture, identity system, templates, and usage guidelines and present to Wake Tech for final approval

5.    Create a “50th Anniversary” icon or banner that can work with (be part of) the new logo during 2013 and be removed at the end of the year and present to Wake Tech for final approval.

6.    Create a plan for transitioning to the new brand, including schedule and marketing strategies and present to Wake Tech for final approval.


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