California Energy Campaign Seeks Agency

managed waste energySteve’s breakdown: Check out their pre-screen questionaire which is due April 23.

The great thing about this account is they do TV and they represent many potential clients.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Energy Upgrade California, the efficiency and clean energy campaign by investor-owned utilities in the Golden State, is reviewing its outreach, outreach, marketing and communications account, including overall management of the program.

The utilities, including Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and Souther California Gas Co., among others, is planning an RFP to guide marketing, education and outreach for the program.

Ogilvy PR is the incumbent under campaign manager, the Center for Sustainable Energy, under a contract expiriing Dec. 31.

The campaign started out in 2011 under the federal stimulus law and pivoted in 2013 to become a utility-financed “umbrella brand” to foster efficient energy use among Californians.


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