In Review: California Energy Commission’s Advertising & Social Media

In Review: California Energy Commission’s Advertising & Social Media

Steve’s breakdown: Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program Outreach and Marketing Campaign! Deadline to Submit Proposals: April 18, 2012 by 3:00 p.m. BTW: The name of the contact is Coco Worthy. I’m just say’in…

Here are your documents:

RFP Application Manual

Solicitation Files , (PDF, Word, Excel files)

SACRAMENTO, CA: The purpose of this solicitation is to obtain proposals from full-service advertising and social  marketing agencies to develop and execute a comprehensive outreach and marketing campaign to advance the transition of the transportation fuels market to non-petroleum, lower
carbon, clean alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. The Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program (Program) is seeking a contractor that can  offer its relevant experience, strategies, and activities/campaigns to expand the market for  alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in California.

The outreach and marketing contract resulting from this solicitation will represent the initial launch of a professionally developed campaign to assist the Program in achieving its mission. As such, the Energy Commission seeks the services of a generalist advertising and social marketing firm that possesses the experience, creativity, and talent required to develop and implement a comprehensive research-based campaign that is responsive to the diverse and evolving advanced transportation market.

While it may prove beneficial if a bidder has experience in marketing alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies, experience is not required.


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