Knoxville & Knox County tourism in limbo . . . but in review

Knoxville & Knox County tourism in limbo . . . but in review

Steve’s breakdown: People are looking for answers in Knoxville and you could be the answer. Read on and learn more about this account review that is kinda not really happening but you could make it happen. Get it?

KNOXVILLE, TN: Knoxville and Knox County leaders are evaluating their tourism marketing needs.

Both governments have put out a request for information for professionals’ help to make the most of tourism budgets.

The city and county are asking anyone with expertise in community branding and marketing to apply and help leaders define the community’s attributes and identify what makes Knoxville unique and marketable.

The Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation currently is responsible for marketing Knoxville, but their contract with both governments expires on June 30.

Leaders want to evaluate how best to handle the area’s tourism marketing and funding in the wake of legal issues involving the contract of former KTSC President Gloria Ray.

KTSC could still be part of the process moving forward, but both governments want to explore all of their options.


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