Mid-western Lotto RFP: Out of Staters are Welcome

Mid-western Lotto RFP: Out of Staters are Welcome

Steve’s breakdown: South Dakota Lotto is the client and, as you know, they don’t have a lot a shops up there so there may be a few spots for “outsiders. Might as well give it a shot. Responses are due March 20th!

Here’s the Lottery_Advertising_ND RFP


The Lottery wants a full-service agency which:

A. Provides a full range of advertising and marketing services with responsive client service;

B. Provides quality advertisements, marketing materials and service at a valuable price and in a timely manner;

C. Gets the highest value possible in purchasing and placing media; and

D. Will be creative and innovative, but mindful of the sensitive nature of the Lottery and its products.


The successful agency will be the Lottery’s principal advisor and provider of the services listed in

The successful agency must be capable of performing these services within short time frames, as the Lottery must react to situations such as lotto jackpot winners coming forward, the short time between lotto drawings in which to promote a jackpot, and the production of multiple point of sale items in as little as one month to accommodate ticket print schedules.


A. Assisting in the development of a comprehensive advertising and marketing plan to support the Lottery brand, general game categories, video lottery games, and specific scratch ticket and lotto games and promotions;

B. Working in conjunction with other Lottery vendors on common planning, marketing, and promotional projects an example of which would be meeting to determine what scratch tickets will be printed, marketed and sold in the coming fiscal year;

C. Assisting in the evaluation of miscellaneous advertising and marketing opportunities offered to the Lottery;

D. Meeting with the Lottery’s Director of Advertising and Public Relations, Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director monthly in person or by teleconference to plan advertising objectives, strategies, and project status review;

E. Developing and maintaining performance measurement matrices and procedures to gauge the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns;

F. Attending and working at Lottery-sponsored events for at least one day during the scheduled course of the event (such as the South Dakota State Fair) at the agency’s own expense; and

G. Timely and accurate itemized billing for all purchases and maintaining appropriate accounting records. Agency fees must be itemized separately.

H. The ad agency should assist with product and player research.


A. Providing effective statewide advertising with appropriately targeted reach and frequency to the Lottery’s consumer audiences;

B. Creating, producing and placing television, radio, print, digital, billboard advertisements, and new and innovative mediums used in advertising; South Dakota Lottery – 2019 Advertising Services RFP #1900 14

C. Creating and producing point of sale materials which in the past has included posters, wobblers, crash bar stickers, banners, brochures, window clings, ceiling cards, and other promotional materials;

D. Creating and producing images and advertisements for use on the Lottery website, other partner websites, Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, Lottery Players Club email messages, and mobile app push notifications;

E. Negotiating, purchasing and trafficking of media including negotiating bonus spots and value-added materials, identifying any long-term commitments, cooperative advertising, or other special programs to realize savings to the Lottery;

F. Verifying and documenting broadcast and publication of all requested media according to contracts and placement instructions;

G. Evaluating performance of media planning and placement for highest value, reach, and frequency to the Lottery’s consumer audiences;

H. Developing in conjunction with the Lottery, a per campaign budget for production and media;

I. Estimating production and media expenditures in advance; and

J. Sharing proposed and final television and radio ads on an agency-hosted client internet server.

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