Montana Issues and RFP for Comprehensive Strategic Planning, Marketing and Branding

Steve’s breakdown: Big Sky, Montana funds its travel and tourism marketing programs through Big Sky’s allocation of the Big Sky Resort Area Tax District and the Big Sky Convention and Visitor Bureau. The contract range will be $25,000 – $35,000. The successful offeror will be expected to work collaboratively and cooperatively with other agencies under contract with Big Sky Chamber of Commerce.

Due Date: September 9th

Marne Hayes, Director Big Sky Chamber of Commerce, Big Sky Convention and Visitors Bureau, PO Box 160100 Big Sky, MT 59716
Telephone Number: 406-995-3000 Fax Number: 406-995-3054 E-mail Address:

Download the RFP here => RattiReportRFP14

BIG SKY, MT: The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to submit a proposal for professional  branding and strategic planning services for the Chamber of Commerce to provide a brand  identity and comprehensive strategic plan to promote the City as a travel destination to state,  regional, national and international markets. The successful offeror must demonstrate extensive  knowledge and understanding of how to create a brand identity and comprehensive marketing  program to promote Big Sky as a travel destination. Proposals submitted in response to the  specifications contained herein shall comply with the following instructions and procedures.


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