Ohio takes Tourism to the next level with Ad Agency Search

Ohio takes Tourism to the next level with Ad Agency Search

Steve’s breakdown: These guys take this account very serious because they made very serious bank with tourism tax revenues in 2011. In fact I told you all about it my Op-Ed piece: Tourism: The growth industry for marketing firms in 2011-2012

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COLUMBUS, OH: Tourism is a $38 billion dollar business that employs more than 439,000 full-time employees in the state of Ohio. The Ohio Office of Tourism is seeking a results-driven, forward thinking, fully integrated partner in its marketing (advertising) efforts for the fiscal year 2013 and fiscal year 2014. Current travel trends call for trips that are filled with diverse activities, yet are close to home, a value, family-friendly, safe and logistically easy to navigate. Travelers today are looking for tourism experiences that offer opportunities for adventure, learning, reconnecting, rejuvenating and relaxing. The Offeror must demonstrate its capability, financial capacity and industry expertise to accomplish this mission of awareness. This partnership will be a best effort teamed with the Department of Development (DOD) to effectively and efficiently increase Ohio’s tourism reputation.

There is a need for Ohio to refine its current efforts to promote the outstanding events and locations of this State. While the DOD has taken the lead for marketing the State, it also is the steward for its partners consisting of Convention and Visitor Bureaus, area marketing organizations, attractions and lodging properties. Our future, successful partner will be required to travel throughout the State, learning about the State’s attractions, events, lodging facilities, restaurants and more in order to effectively and efficiently promote Ohio’s tourism experiences in the media.

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