Ohio Tourism is not finding it

Steve’s breakdown: The new Ohio Tourism campaign “Find it Here” is supposed to be an all encompassing message that includes elevating economic development and trumpeting job availability.  What did yet get? A campaign the says nothing! Check out the featured video.

COLUMBUS, OH: In November, Ohio unveiled it’s new tourism campaign, with a new logo and slogan: Ohio Find it Here. While the state is excited about the new slogan, many brand experts say the state fell flat.

The new slogan will soon be seen on television sets across the state and in Pittsburgh and Detroit. The new slogan is hoping to show off many of Ohio’s tourism hot spots that fell flat with many marketing experts.

“What we’ve seen so far for the new for the Ohio tourism campaign, I would have to give it an ‘F’. I would like to give it an incomplete, but early signs aren’t good. First of all, there’s the tag line which is ‘Ohio: Find It Here’. Nothing in the tag line about Ohio’s personality, about what we offer. It’s a blank slate.” says President of the Prodigal Company Jeff Hedrich.

TourismOhio published a statement to their website defending their new brand stating, “It is a brand that is flexible and powerful because it is widely applicable, and able to exude all facets of Ohio beyond tourism, to include economic development, natural resources, Ohio’s workforce and much more.”

In terms of economic impact both locally and on the state level, that’s also an area Hedrich gives the state an ‘F’.

Hendrich adds, “what the new campaign will do for Ohio tourism, unfortunately, is not much. I don’t think it gives any real appeal to the state. I would assume as part of the campaign that we will see some local Mahoning Valley places featured and that’s great. As far as being a boos for our local tourism economy, let alone the states, Ohio: Find It Here, I don’t see it happening.”

If you’re interested in hearing more about Ohio’s new tourism slogan, visit their website (Ohio.org) and hit free publications. You can find a free online booklet on what Ohio has to offer.


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