Two RFPs in one post: California & Michigan

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.42.33 PMSteve’s breakdown: The first one is for City of Inglewood, CA: Advertising & Graphic Design Services: Here’s the RFP Responses are due 8/17/16

The second is for Michigan State Housing Development Authority: Advertising & Media Services: Here’s the RFP Responses are due 7/27/16

INGLEWOOD, CA: The City is seeking professional marketing, branding, and communications services, including but not limited to innovative, comprehensive and strategic planning, on an as-needed project-by- project basis. The City’s goals include expanding its brand, and building public awareness locally, nationally, and internationally to attract businesses, conferences, tourists, and investments within the City. To that end. The chosen firm shall possess the expertise, experience and resources necessary to perform, provide and be responsible for the following:

• Market research, analysis, and counsel.

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  • Advertising, conception, planning, design development, production and evaluation.
  • Evaluating and defining brands.
  • Identify and strategically reach out to a brand’s audience.
  • Launching effective brand campaigns.
  • Optimizing placements among domestic and international media markets, including minority markets.
  • Planning, designing and executing high-impact digital and Internet marketing strategies.
  • Submit project proofs to the City for final review within established deadlines.
  • Coordinating the project timeline, ensuring projects stays on track, and meetingrequired print and mailing deadlines.
  • Delivering design files to City’s designated printer.
  • Create graphics, use stock photography, and edit copy in order to fill the layout and create a visually appealing newsletter or marketing piece. Proposer is solely responsible/liable for ensuring that it has all rights to any graphic and photo used in any City project.

LANSING, MI: To successfully perform the services described in Section III above, the selected contractor must develop strategic communications and marketing materials around the Authority’s mission by meeting the following general objectives:

  1. Provide full service marketing and communications capabilities, including public and media relations.
  2. Provide national advertising and public relations services (experience required, including but not limited to print- and web-based services).
  3. Possess in-house broadcast production abilities (i.e., radio, video).
  4. Demonstrate ability to consult/implement communications/marketing strategies tocustomer expectations.
  5. Demonstrate excellent print and web writing skills consistent with current editorial standards.
  6. Produce itemized monthly invoices including an executive summary reflecting work completed within the scope of work.
  7. Adhere to Authority work order process prior to beginning work.
  8. Demonstrate and maintain capacity to handle numerous simultaneous projects.
  9. Conduct research, present data, metrics and sources, and recommend direction.
  10. Offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  11. Possess demonstrable media buying and placement experience.
  12. Possess social media and digital marketing expertise and capability.
  13. Design and produce marketing materials.
  14. Understand and adhere to Authority branding standards.
  15. Execute branding campaigns.
  16. Use Michigan-based subcontractors (preferred).
  17. Comply with Authority finance standards applicable to third-party vendors and events.
  18. Comply with Authority, state and federal rules and regulations.


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