US Soybean Growers Seek Afghan PR: No, really!

Steve’s breakdown: OK – so here’s one of those account reviews that’s a little unexpected. The American Soybean Association released an RFP on Sept. 10 but I suspect you can get in on the fun if you want to. Their tag line is “If you believe, you belong.”  The RFP text is below.

ST. LOUIS, MO: Soybean growers in the U.S. are planning a PR blitz targeted at Afghan consumers and farmers to increase soy consumption in that country.

The American Soybean Association released an RFP on Sept. 10 for a firm to develop a public awareness education and media campaign within Afghanistan from mid-October through September 2013.

Budget is set at $174K.

The St. Louis-based ASA, which represents 22,000 growers, has shipped tons of soy flour to Afghanistan under its decade-old World Initiative for Soy in Human Health with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture which aims to promote the U.S. crop globally.

ASA has also partnered with Shelter for Life to train 1,000 Afghan farmers to grow soybeans rather than the country’s top cash crop, poppies.





Project Title



To Develop public awareness/education and media campaign to increase consumer awareness about the benefits of soy and increase soy consumption in Afghanistan.

Project Details

Vendor will develop media campaign distribution plan utilizing appropriate venues within Afghanistan for delivery of the Media Campaign. The campaign will run from inception through September 2013.

Vendor shall secure all air time, print space, etc. consistent with proposed media campaign distribution plan.

Expected start date for media campaign will be Oct. 15, 2011

All resulting materials will be the property of ASA


Total Project Budget cannot exceed $174,000

Vendor Selection Criteria

All proposals received will be reviewed in detail by issuing office. Consideration will be given to those proposals that demonstrate the ability to begin work on the project quickly, provide quality product and are cost effective. Additionally, consideration will be given to those submissions that are both comprehensive and creative.

Terms and Conditions

Proposals are due no later than 5pm, Thursday September 22th, 2011. Selected Vendor will be notified no later than Saturday September 24th, 2011. Only selected Vendor will be notified do to volume of proposals expected.

All PSA/Media campaign must be approved by ASA Afghan Country Director prior to being aired.

Project Performance Outcomes

Approved Comprehensive Campaign and Implementation plan

Development of Media campaign that appropriately identifies and reaches target audience

Development of media campaign

Distribution plan with timeline with timeline, including print and air time in appropriate locations within Afghanistan.

Purchase of air time and print media consistent with timelines identified in distribution plan.

Work in close collaboration with ASA Country Director and implementing partners in media campaign and distribution plan and monitoring of activities consistent with proposed distribution.

Request for Proposal Submission

The Proposing Organization must submit an en electronic copy of the proposal to ASA Afghanistan, no later than 5pm September 22, 2011. Selection of vendor will be completed by September 24, 2011. Do to the nature of this request – only electronic submissions will be accepted at

1. Proposed media campaign and distribution plan with timeline Media campaign should define mix of approaches to be used and identify material to be developed and resources.

2. Description of organization and its capacity to meet project outcomes

3. Reference from recent client

4. Budget for period October 15, 2011 through September 31, 2013

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