Zoo Seeks Email Marketing Agency

Zoo Seeks Email Marketing Agency

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Email_Marketing_Platform_Saint Louis Zoo RFP. Bids are due Feb 21st / questions the 14th.

SAINT LOUIS, MO: This RFP is to find a firm to provide a new email marketing and marketing automation platform for the Saint Louis Zoo. The Saint Louis Zoo is not currently seeking creative development or strategy support. Core Zoo marketing staff will handle all aspects of email marketing and seek support from platform representatives when necessary. The requirements we are looking for in a new platform include:

1. Contacts and Lists o Ability to segment contacts by profile info, custom field info, and engagement history/status o Ease of understanding how many contacts exist in the entire database at any point in time o Ease of understanding how many contacts exist in a list at any point in time

2. Emails

o Ease of email building from a drag-and-drop editor and a variety of email templates o Ability to test emails on various devices/inboxes/providers

o Merge fields

o Social sharing integration

o Ability to organize/sort emails by campaign type

3. Automation: Ability to set up automated campaigns and denote where contacts are within a campaign flow

 Based on triggers, like contacts being added to a list or an approaching membership expiry date

 Based on parameters defined in custom nurture campaigns

 Based on engagement and behavior (contact did/did not open an email, contact did/did not click a specific link included in an email, contact visited a specific webpage, etc.)

Ability to perform A/B testing and easily act on results

4. Reporting: Clear, detailed reporting functionality and dashboards o Customizable reports with the ability to view analytics by time period, email type or group, and contact type/segment

5. API integration: Ability to integrate with Raiser’s Edge and other software platforms o Handle multiple daily contact imports from various sources

6. Support staff: Timeliness of replies throughout contract duration o Resources for Zoo staff to troubleshoot platform questions when necessary

7. Experience: Previous experience with nonprofit or fundraising email marketing is essential.

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