AI-based nutrition company ready for aggressive expansion

Steve’s breakdown: STYR Labs is the company and John Siefertas is the new Chief Marketing Officer. They have some nice art direction but don’t see any real advertising yet.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: STYR Labs, an AI-based company that aligns wearable technology, smart devices and apps to create personalized nutrition at every life stage, announces the appointment of John Siefertas Chief Marketing Officer. Siefert joins the STYR Labs leadership team, bringing strategic expertise in audience engagement to support the company’s continued growth and aggressive expansion.

Prior to joining STYR Labs, Siefert was Chief Executive Officer of Virgo, a private equity backed tradeshow and media business best known for the SupplySide West Tradeshow, which was acquired by Informa in 2014. Subsequently, he created the Global Health and Nutrition Network at Informa, which focused on digital programming, events and operations in North America, Europe and Asia where he served as President. His unique experience in creating content based strategic initiatives to build, nurture and convert audience will be an asset to STYR Labs.

“John brings a wealth of leadership in strategic business and marketing initiatives and we are excited to begin developing new programs that match the pace of our rapid growth trajectory,” said Sergio Radovcic, Founder of STYR Labs. “His ability to develop content based programming within the app will bring a new level of engagement with our members and we’re eager to leverage his unique expertise in the nutrition sector as well.”

STYR Labs is poised to become the leader of data-driven food and nutrition, and the new office in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale welcomes an environment full of collaboration and innovation with ivy accent walls, vintage arcade games and unlimited healthy food and drink options to keep employees fueled.

“I thrive on the challenge of thinking differently and anticipating what is around the corner,” said Siefert. “I’m thrilled to bring my passion, experience and ideas to STYR Labs as we set the industry bar for combining AI, wearables, smart devices and our app to optimize the health and nutrition of our members.”

For more information on STYR Labs, visit Download the STYR app on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

About STYR Labs
Launched in 2014, the company’s proprietary HDI™ platform cross-references data learned from activity, sleep, hydration and food with 250,000 scientific papers and clinical studies to create an optimized nutritional plan for the individual. Combined with the company’s line of wearable devices and the ability to purchase fully traceable, personalized dietary supplements and functional foods directly through the app, STYR offers the first and only closed loop system for precision nutrition.


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