One tweet and it’s over: Santa fires Ad Agency of Record

Steve’s breakdown: Global accounts like Santa don’t take things lightly. One year it’s a new bike and BAM, the next year it’s a stocking full of coal.

It all happened so fast. The agency, DiMassimo Goldstein, said no tweeting, the client, Santa, said yes tweeting. Then Trevor gets over rambunctious (every agency has a “Trevor”) and the yellow snow hits the fan.

Here’s the agency‘s side of the story. Santa’s representatives did not return calls to The Ratti Report by press time.

NORTH POLE, Frozen Arctic Ocean & NEW YORK, NY: In many ways, Santa was the perfect client for DiMassimo Goldstein. We specialize in direct-to-consumer, life-changing brands. That pretty much describes jolly old St. Nick, right? He sees you when you’re sleeping, for crying out loud. It doesn’t get any more direct-model than that. And, every December 25th, he changes lives all over the world in one night. (We still don’t know how he does this, by the way.)

We advised him against Twitter. We think every action a client takes should be on brand, if it is to inspire. And our research showed that Santa’s brand was more inspiring when he stayed mysterious and never spoke to his customers through technology. But he saw some internet guru talking about “if you’re not on Twitter, you don’t exist” and he mandated it. Thanks, Vaynerchuck.

Yes, we were fired by Santa. But look on the bright side: now we have room for a life-changing, direct-model client. The new business elves are standing by.


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