Toys “R” Us doesn’t want to play with its agency anymore

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a lot of speculating going on about this split-up but needless to say, if you are interested, jump in.

TORONTO, Canada: Details are currently foggier than a, well, throw a dart and pick any day in London, but sources familiar with the matter confirm that the Canadian division of Toys “R” Us has parted ways with Toronto-based, MDC-backed agency, Union. You might know the latter as the entity that was formed last fall following the dissolution of CP+B Toronto.

We’ve reached out to the media contacts at Toys “R” Us a couple of times, but have yet to receive comment and/or clarification on the matter. All we know thus far from our sources is that there will indeed be “a shift based on a previous relationship.” Perhaps a return to Toronto/Buffalo-based Quiller & Blake Advertising, which lost the account to Zig (which itself was absorbed by CP+B in 2010) three-and-a-half years ago? Once again, details are vague, but we’re hearing that Union handled a “small account” for Toys “R” Us. Before our head explodes, we’re trying to get some clarity on the matter and will let you know, but feel free to hit us up if you got more.


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