Scandinavian Airlines crusin’ for PR Pitches

Steve’s breakdown: Los Angeles, Miami and Boston is where they want to turn up the heat. The RFQ is below where it says “The RFQ” in the middle.

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LYNDHURST, NJ: Scandinavian Airlines is interested in hearing from agencies that can modernize the company’s PR approach with a creative communication campaign that will set the airline apart from its competitors.

Scandinavian Airlines

In request for quotation documents issued in March, the Solna, Sweden-based airline outlines its present communication objectives as follows: raising awareness of the SAS brand among relevant audiences and establishing the company as the preferred airline when traveling to Scandinavia; increasing travel to Scandinavia in the leisure market by positioning the region as a weekend/long weekend destination; improving brand awareness of SAS’s new gateways in Los Angeles, Miami and Boston; and integrating SAS’s PR and marketing synergies, as well as creative development and paid media efforts.

The largest airline in Scandinavia, SAS is the leading carrier for direct flights between the U.S. and Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and currently has nearly a dozen direct routes to Scandinavia from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami.

According to RFQ documents, SAS’s primary target audience is comprised of educated, leisure market/holiday travelers between the ages of 25–50 who live in near current U.S. SAS gateways (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington and Miami).

SAS is initially looking for a one year plan among firms that can help the airline achieve its desired position.

Fredrik Henriksson, head of media relations for Scandinavian Airlines, is handling the search.

He can be reached at



Scandinavian Airlines flew between New York and Stockholm already in 1946. Ever since then we have been connecting the US with Scandinavia and is today the leading airline with the most direct routes from USA to Sweden, Denmark and Norway. As a part of increasing the brand awareness of SAS in the US market and support SAS growth, especially in the Leisure segment, SAS is currently looking to find a new, creative and innovative PR Agency that can help drive brand awareness and revenue for SAS in the US.

This year SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, celebrates 70 years as Scandinavia’s preferred airline.

Movie: SAS – Travelers make history
Highlights in our history are found here:

Through the decades we have launched the world’s first around-the-world service, in-flight entertainment system, tourist class and sleeper seats. We were the first airline to offer separate check-in and lounges, and we hired the first female pilot. We were also first to implement green approaches, saving aircraft fuel and reducing emissions. These historic examples have paved the way to where we stand today, focusing on making life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers. We are currently investing in new innovations and smart digital solutions to make travel an easier, faster and more personal experience.

Making life easy for our travelers involves features like our upgraded SAS Lounges, our new SAS Café Lounges and recently opened SAS City Lounge in Stockholm, as well as our Fast Track. EuroBonus, our SAS membership program, celebrating 25 years next year, now has more than 4.7 million members. EuroBonus will soon undergo one of its biggest improvements, to give back more to our frequent travelers. It will be easier to earn points, use points and get away on that well deserved extra trip, or use points with our EuroBonus partners.

SAS latest commercial – fall of 2016: Traveler Think Big SAS new cabin on all intercontinental flights:
Google street view: flights/new-cabin/New-Cabin-Street-View/

SAS Labs is developing some radical new ideas and innovations for the future of travel; from airplane boarding passes contained under your skin to visiting the top of the Empire State Building without leaving your home. This autumn, all of our cabin crew have been equipped with Cabin Crew Devices. These iPad Minis will make their work easier, as well as giving them the opportunity to give SAS travelers even better service. The devices will make it possible to check such things as the status of luggage transfers, flight connections and EuroBonus membership information.

We’re convinced that financially sustainable operations require social and environmental responsibility. Work on sustainability issues contributes to value creation and competitiveness in a variety of ways, both for SAS and our customers. SAS environmental vision is to be a part of long- term sustainable society. We believe that it should be possible to fly with no fossil fuel CO2 emissions by 2050.

We take our responsibility seriously and despite the turbulent civil aviation market in recent years, our focus remains strong to maintain our commitment towards sustainable aviation. Some of our main focus areas right now are biofuel, fuel efficiency measurements, green flights, and a new more fuel-efficient fleet. From where we stand today as we look into the future, we’re always pushing ourselves to come up with new ideas.

SAS in brief

  • –  SAS was founded in 1946
  • –  Passengers yearly: 29 million
  • –  Daily flights: 800
  • –  Destinations: 117
  • –  SAS has currently invested in our largest long haul expansion ever and today flies

    11 direct routes to Scandinavia from:

o Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington and

– Latest routes added to SAS network:

o Los Angeles – Stockholm o Miami – Copenhagen
o Miami – Oslo
o Boston – Copenhagen

  • –  SAS has invested in new long haul cabins on all long haul aircraft incl. SAS Business (fully flat beds), SAS Plus and SAS Go with a Nordic food theme onboard.
  • –  SAS Lounges is being further invested in at Newark and Chicago.
  • –  SAS EuroBonus has

    Primary Target Audience

    SAS has a relatively steady business class customer stream and the primary focus for the PR scope in the US is:

– Leisure Market/Holiday travelers
o Focus on travel to Scandinavia.
o Geographic areas are catchment area close to SAS gateways (Los Angeles,

San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington and Miami) o Demographics:

Age group: 25 – 50, Highly educated, live in urban areas, choose comfort, travel independently, travel with spouse/family/friends = dual income, travels shorter, $75,000+ HHI, digitally mature and is used to find and utilize digital platforms for both information and inspiration.
50+ years of age, empty nesters, highly educated, $75,000+ HHI, have discretionary income, choose easiness and comfort.

o People that have travelled to the major capitals in Europe but are looking for new destinations and experience something different.

o Corporate travelers/segment is not the primary focus for a local PR agency but promoting SAS USP’s (such as SAS Lounges, Fast Track, SAS Business and SAS Plus) can naturally have a positive impact on target audience.

SAS Brand Promise

We make life easier by MAKING TIME MATTER to travelers, to employees and to the planet

We deliver it:
Through our human touch in a Scandinavian way

Through our human touch in a Scandinavian way we always focus on:

Marketing and Sales Objectives:

  • –  Grow Leisure traffic/revenue to and from the US
  • –  Increase traffic in low season (fall, winter, spring)
  • –  Increase brand awareness of SAS (especially in new gateways, Los Angeles, Miami

    and Boston)

  • –  Position SAS as a premium airline/brand
  • –  Increase weekend travel; educate the market that it’s possible with SAS direct


    PR goals/ Communication objectives:

  •   Raise awareness of SAS strong brand and product including our new (world class) cabins (all SAS service classes: Go, Plus and Business Class).
  •   Travel to Scandinavia is a focus area where PR where SAS is also communicated. Goal is to set SAS as the top of mind and preferred airline when traveling to Scandinavia.
  •   Although travel to Scandinavia is in focus – with the right creative angles separate product launches, product focus (SAS cabin, lounges, destinations etc.) can be a part of the ongoing PR.
  •   Focus on the leisure market
  •   Position Scandinavia as a weekend/long weekend destination

o More direct flights than ever
o Flight time esp. from the East Coast (e.g. leave Wed/Thu evening, get

two/three full days, get back Sun lunchtime)
o Scandinavia is currently affordable with strong USD exchange rate

  •   SAS has opened four new routes from three new gateways (Los Angeles, Miami and Boston) during 2016 and needs to improve brand awareness in the regions.
  •   SAS PR approach must be integrated with SAS Marketing, creative development, PR and paid media should be integrated where positive synergies can be generated.

    Key message/SAS customer proposition

    Below are some of our key proof points and USP’s out of which we together form our key messages for the US market moving forward.

  • –  Scandinavian Airlines – SAS has the largest offer of direct routes from the US to Scandinavia
  • –  SAS is a premium carrier – value for money
  • –  SAS making the journey an experience in our brand new cabin (on all long haul


  • –  Business Class, Lounges and Fast Track

o SAS Lounges being invested in New York and Chicago

  • –  Values you get as a customer traveling in SAS Plus (Extra bag, Lounge etc.)
  • –  Scandinavia as a weekend (long weekend) destination which is easy to access with

    SAS (daily non-stop routes) – also together with the tourist boards.

  • –  SAS is a leader in airline innovation through 7 decades – SAS being an innovative


  • –  SAS is flying to Scandinavia which is a region that can offer something different,

    compared to rest of Europe.

    Potential collaboration with other brands in the US (and/or influencers) could be used to elevate SAS position.


    Competitors and increasing their efforts for the Scandinavian market in US and Norwegian Air (NAS) is one of SAS primary competitors in the leisure segment. NAS has put in large efforts in US to position themselves as an attractive low cost carrier with cheap tickets to Scandinavia as primary message.


    SAS is looking for a new modern PR approach to reach out in a vast market that creates a buzz through creative communication that differentiates SAS from its competitors.

    SAS is looking for a one year plan (to start with) on how to achieve the desired position. Integration and positive synergies between PR and Marketing.
    Potential reach to relevant audiences.

    We’ve been part of a billion unique travel stories, and there are many more to come. We look forward to hearing your ideas on SAS PR in the US.


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