He took the plane to the train = Lead in DC

Steve’s breakdown: Amtrak, not only has an airline guy as CEO, now it has one in the CMO office as well. Will this move thing along a little faster in regards to advertising? We think yes, so get on board now and see what the plan is.

We believe in email will be either Timothy.Griffin@amtrak.com or Tim.Griffin@amtrak.com

WASHINGTON, DC: Airline industry marketing veteran J. Timothy “Tim” Griffin joined Amtrak on Oct. 16 as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for Marketing, Passenger Experience, Northeast Corridor Business Development, State Supported Services Business Development, Long Distance Services Business Development, and Product Support and Management. He will report directly to President and Co-CEO Richard Anderson, who also hails from the airline industry.

Griffin has more than 40 years of marketing experience in transportation and travel-related industries. His areas of expertise include revenue maximization, strategic planning and budget control. He most recently managed a private investment company, consulting in the travel, transportation and distribution industries.

For nearly 30 years, Griffin held marketing positions at Continental and Northwest Airlines, rising to EVP of Marketing at Northwest Airlines in 1999, with responsibility for $10 billion in passenger revenue production. Griffin also directed Client Services at Brierley and Partners, providing loyalty marketing for Hilton, Neiman Marcus and United Airlines. He began his transportation career in 1977 with American Airlines, where he led post-deregulation route and pricing strategies.

“Tim brings a deep level of transportation marketing expertise to Amtrak,” said Anderson. “Throughout his career, he has repeatedly shown that he knows how to build strong corporate brands that accelerate a company’s growth. At Amtrak, we are looking for Tim to help us identify and win new customers, while continuing to maintain our loyal base of current customers. We are delighted to have him join the company.”


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