Green Client wants to go after Consumers: SaviCorp

Steve’s breakdown: They have spent most of their time and resources on trade marketing but it looks like the new guy slants consumer so expect some shifts.

SANTA ANA, CA: Rick Thomas has been named Chief Marketing Officer for Santa Ana, California based SaviCorp, maker of the DynoValve®. The DynoValve, when installed on cars or trucks, gives drivers increased fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions. Mr. Thomas will launch a marketing effort designed to garner increased media exposure for DynoValve with consumers and fleet business owners.

“We’re confident that Rick’s extensive background in media and promotions will help to expand our current marketing efforts and increase DynoValve sales, specifically with those companies that need to save money on their fleet services,” said Serge Monros, CEO of SaviCorp. “Rick’s experience in the automobile industry, representing automotive expert Lauren Fix (The Car Coach), and developing marketing partnerships with Midas Auto Repair, and Glass America, are just a few of the reasons we’re excited that he’s joining the SaviCorp team.”

Mr. Thomas, a Principal with MediaRich Marketing LA, LLC, and the TV entertainment blog, has 30-plus years experience in the sales and marketing industry, working with ABC Television, Twentieth Television, Sony Music, Rogers & Cowan Public Relations, Convenience TV and the NBA Retired Players Association. He also spent 10 years in sales and sales management with CBS Radio in Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Los Angeles before starting his own radio promotions business.

“This is a great opportunity for businesses and consumers alike to learn about not just saving at the fuel pump, but helping to save the environment as well,” said Mr. Thomas. “DynoValve is uniquely positioned to combat rising gasoline prices in America and worldwide, and every driver will see immediate results after installing DynoValve on their fleet or personal automobiles.”

About SaviCorp

SaviCorp ( is an innovative automotive technology company that licenses, manufactures, distributes and services an array of patented technologies and products that reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The Company, an evolution of more than twenty years of automotive engine emissions testing, materials research and development, was formed to create, support and license our patented supplementary vehicle Emissions Reduction Technologies (ERT) to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. Using proprietary methods and processes, the Company’s flagship DynoValve system protects the environment, lessens an engine’s carbon offsets, increases gas mileage, and improves engine performance resulting in dramatic savings in both fuel and oil.


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