HotelTonight checks in new CMO

hoteltonightSteve’s breakdown: So a StubHub guy is taking over marketing at HotelTonight. Let’s make sure he’s not ripping us off and just does great advertising. I love this service.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: HotelTonight is excited to officially announce the hiring of Ray Elias as our new CMO. Following an announcement last week that we’re a profitable company, Ray’s hiring is the next step on our journey to becoming the most trusted source for booking great hotel rooms at great rates with minimal planning. Ray joins us with more than 19 years of e-commerce, marketplace and marketing experience and will be responsible for all aspects of HT’s brand, communications, customer acquisition and customer retention. Previously, Ray was Chief Marketing Officer for StubHub where he worked from 2004 until 2015. Over his tenure, StubHub grew from a small start-up to a leading consumer brand in live entertainment and e-commerce with tens of millions of customers and over 3.

5 billion in annual tickets sold. Additionally, he led StubHub Labs which helped transform StubHub, born on the Web, into a mobile-first experience. Ray also played a key role in eBay’s acquisition of StubHub in 2007. Ray will also be focused on making sure our hotel partners know they have a friend in HotelTonight. Our model drives incremental, high value bookers and we cherish our relationships with our partners just as much as we value our bookers. Becoming profitable has allowed us improve the resources at our disposal, which we’ll put towards developing new and existing industry leading tools that place our hotel partners in the driver’s seat.


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