Lose 500 lbs, get a job at Fresh Healthy Vending

Lose 500 lbs, get a job at Fresh Healthy Vending

Steve’s breakdown: The story is: Alexander Capio weighed 700 lbs not so long ago. The same dedication that allowed him to achieve the almost impossible 500 lbs weight loss will now be the backbone in which Fresh Healthy Vending relies on to drive its marketing message. So we might be looking at the next Jared Fogle and that means more marketing dollars!

SAN DIEGO, CA: Alexander Capio, Fresh Healthy Vending’s new Marketing Guru is all too familiar with the effects and dangers of childhood obesity. Always the “fat kid” as a child he eventually became a super morbidly obese adult at over 700 pounds. Capio, like most of us grew up in a time when junk food and sugar-laden soda’s were available in every corner of the school, local recreation center, and even Sunday Church. Capio was bullied and teased for being over-weight; he found his only escape to be fruit pies, candy bars, and soda. As he got older his weight increased at a rapid pace as did the social isolation and ridicule leading to a never ending cycle of binge eating. His dependency for fatty foods worsened to the point that he became estranged from his family to avoid lectures and criticism.

Eventually Capio was diagnosed with type II diabetes and high blood pressure. When he sought medical help to stop the grueling affects of his ill health an irate doctor told him to “invest your money in a coffin for you will not see the age of 25.” Feeling hopeless and the agony of choosing death or his usual bad eating habits, he would soon face a tougher choice. Having lost his Mother at a young age, Capio would soon get a visit from her in what he describes as a “life changing dream.” One night after devouring a typical chili cheese fries and greasy burgers, Capio started to feel weak to the point of passing out. In his dream, positioned outside of his house, from the window of his room he could see a petite woman’s silhouette. The house door opened and his Grandmother told him his Mother was waiting to see him in his room. Capio, feeling too ashamed by his size did not want to allow his Mother to see him. When he woke up he had tears in his eyes. He had enough and there would be no more failed fad diets or miracle pills. He would take the only true road to a healthy life style by eating healthy nutritious food and simple activities such as parking his vehicle as far from whatever the destination so he could to walk just a little more each day. Rigorously committed to a healthy life style, Capio became a local celebrity at his gym and his local park where he began by walking 15 minutes at a time, those 15 minutes became soon became 5 mile jogs. Capio sealed his fate by saying yes to the healthy lifestyle. He lost over 500 lbs, arguably three people.

Capio believes fate hit his email box again with an email from a friend suggesting he apply for an online marketing job at Fresh Healthy Vending. Capio, a marketing veteran, decided that he wanted to work for a company who shared his personal mission and vision. After researching the Fresh Healthy Vending and seeing the impact being made by such a simple business model he was committed. It had been a long time since Alex felt that same passion as when he dedicated himself to lead a healthy life style.

“I remember when I finally got an email saying I had the job at Fresh Healthy Vending. I knew then that just like Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Initiative or President Bill Clintons Alliance For A Healthier Generation, I could truly make a difference,” says Capio who is now leading the marketing efforts of the world’s largest Healthy Vending Company. “Make no mistake, this year Fresh Healthy Vending will be more aggressive than ever in the fight against the bulge. We will be putting in place a much more effective tactical plan in targeting demographics that tend to have a higher obesity rate overall, and edify eating habits all over the country.”

Fresh Healthy Vending operates as a Franchise Business Model, partnering with qualified and dedicated Brand Ambassadors around North America seeking a healthy business opportunity with rewards. Fresh Healthy Vending leads the charge when it comes to changing the perception of vending machines. The franchise network operates 2,000 dedicated healthy vending machines across the nation. The company provides a turnkey franchise solution that incorporates high tech healthy vending machines, over 600 well recognized healthy snacks and drinks along with a location procurement department that secures profitable homes for its franchisees machines nationwide.

Fresh Healthy Vending’s lengthy assortment of snacks includes some of the biggest niche food makers in the industry: Odwalla, Zico Coconut Water, Kashi Granola Bars, Bolthouse Farms, Stonyfield Farms, Horizon Organic Milks, Clif Bars, and Honest Teas to name a few.


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