5 o’clock Friday’s Ad Land: Manage the managers

5 o’clock Friday’s Ad Land: Manage the managers

Hooray! It’s 5 o’clock on Friday and that means it’s time for our weekly installment of AdLand by cartoonist and CCO of Third StreetDavid T. Jones.

As the head of new business, one must be able to get the team to be its very best because it’s not enough to do a good job. You must come in first.

This goes way beyond producing a new business pitch involving half of the agency. This even goes beyond motivating the entire team that no matter what, if we do our best, we will be the best.

This is about, as this cartoon reminds me, managing the managers and their expectations. Those sensitive souls who run the agency. They beat on furniture and proclaim their dominance but we, as new business pros, know better. And this is not just about creatives; it’s all of them.

You can’t let them know they are “being handled” because that will make them even more stubborn. Heaven knows you must insure every manager that the whole team is waiting for them in the conference room even though that’s physically impossible.

Remember, you are not the new business person in the room, you are the conductor of this entire orchestra. Yes, the first violinist is a primadonna, the first trumpeter a blowhard and the timpani player sometimes just needs to play in the background.

This is your job. This is how you will win. Just don’t let them know you’re in charge.



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