Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a bleeding heart capitalist

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes ya just gotta say your piece.

The government could take a dump right on the must trusted brand in America. Who’s that? The United States Postal Service. And how are they going to do this dirty work? By making it a private company. Click here for that story.

We all know what going to happen if that takes place. The company and the brand is going to die. Leave it alone!!

Below is the article about the Morning Consult survey of the most trusted brands.

WASHINGTON: The United States Postal Service is the most trusted brand in America, according to a Morning Consult study.

The Most Trusted Brands report featured an average of 16,700 interviews per brand for nearly 2,000 brands between October and December 2019.

Survey respondents described USPS as “reliable,” and said they’ve “never had a bad experience.”

“They always deliver the mail, no matter the weather,” another said.

While the USPS was the most trusted brand in the U.S. overall, the study found generational divides in brand sentiment among survey respondents. The USPS earned the top spot for Generation X and Baby Boomers, but data showed Google was the most trusted brand among Gen Z and millennials.

Overall, the study found that Amazon is the second most trusted brand, followed by Google, PayPal and The Weather Channel.

Chick-fil-A, The Hershey Company, the United Parcel Service, Cheerios, and M&M’s fill out the bottom half of the top 10. More than half of the spots in the top 25 were occupied by CPG brands.

Gen Z was the only group that didn’t have the USPS in their top five most trusted brands. Their top five was, in order: Google, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and PlayStation.

Millennials named their top five as Google, USPS, Amazon, PayPal and Netflix. Gen X said their top five was USPS, Google, Amazon, The Hershey Company and PayPal. Baby Boomers’ top five most trusted brands were USPS, UPS, The Hershey Company, The Weather Channel and Cheerios.

Morning Consult found that the most important trait any company can have is reliability, which relates to the protection of personal data, creating products that work as advertised and other attributes. Ethics, which involves treating employees well and giving back to society among other things, didn’t rate as high as reliability.

The study concluded that trust takes a long time to build. Android and YouTube were the only two brands out of the top 100 most trusted brands that were founded after 2000.

Morning Consult identified three areas where brands could boost their reputation: protecting personal data, not hiding important information in fine print and treating employees better than required by law.


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