Leveraging social justice & corporate responsibility for New Business

Leveraging social justice & corporate responsibility for New Business

Real Simple: If you have a client that publicly advocates for a certain side of a social issue, you should use that to leverage your position to pitch additional clients.

For instance, if you have a client who is publicly on the side of the “March for Our Lives” movement, you might want to look into these companies: Bayer; Ruby Tuesday; Liberty Mutual Insurance; The Atlantis Paradise Island resort; Office Depot; Jenny Craig; Hulu; Nutrish; TripAdvisor; Expedia; Wayfair; Stitch Fix; Nestlé; Johnson & Johnson and Miracle-Ear.

These are the brands that bailed on Laura Ingraham’s show after she went after a movement leader on Twitter.

And this works for all issues ya’ll. Pro-Gun, Me-Too, Pro-Life, Women’s MarchAnti-Trump, Whatever! If you have a client who’s shouting from the mountain top one way or the other, go pitch like minded clients. You’ve already made the decision which way your agency stands by taking on that first client!

Photo: Stefan Ruenzel

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