Winning New Business & The Super Bowl: III

Winning New Business & The Super Bowl: III

Steve’s breakdown: Welcome to our Third annual Winning New Business & The Super Bowl report.

NEW ORLEANS: Say what you want about who was in the Super Bowl, this was the best party game ever. And if you ask us, the game and the blackout are what everybody is talking about – not the ads. (Except for the geek/hottie make-out ad for GoDaddy. I’m glad I wasn’t eating at that moment. UG!)

But all of that does not change the premise of our report. We still strongly believe to always go into every new business pitch with one Super Bowl Strategy.

Even if you have to start the pitch with “We know you only have $3.80 for the entire year; let’s just say we multiply it by a million.” And then you hit them with the big game plan.

Will they buy it? Not a chance. But will they love it? Absolutely! So don’t leave it on the field, give it all you got and swing for the fences  . . .  umm  . . .  throw that Hail Mary!



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