SAAB’S $114M Global Ad Account Up For Grabs

Steve’s breakdown: The Ratti Report has done it again and scooped the entire American media reporting this major account review. Last time it was Heineken. OK, this article is a bit confusing in regards to the budget size but don’t let that hold you back. There’s an RFI out there that you’ll have to get […]

Costa Rica plans to increase marketing spend from $18 to $50 million

Steve’s breakdown: Costa Rica’s new tourism minister talks about marketing the future. There’s a lot to read but if this is in your sweet spot, take the time and start a relationship. SAN JOSE, Costa Rica: In his second term serving as Costa Rica’s tourism minister, Allan Flores says he feels a little savvier. His first […]

Specialized Hires Chief Marketing Officer

Steve’s breakdown: Specialized is truly a global bike company with a massive distribution system that the new guy is going to head up. There’s probably no advertising but if you have an awesome production department with global capabilities, give him a call. MORGAN HILL, CA: Specialized has hired Steve Francisco for the newly-created role of […]

Agencies line up for Unicef global creative brief

Steve’s breakdown: We reported on a global ad review back in December but this seems to be different. They are seeking a global agency to handle a campaign in the run up to Christmas. The RFP is due June 15th so call to get your hands on it. Here’s their number in the UN building: 212 1 326 […]

Ladbrokes in $13 million ad review

Steve’s breakdown: This pitch is going through ISBA, Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, so if you don’t have your credential over there, the time is now if you’re interested in participating. They put their digital & direct marketing account into review in April as we reported. This is for the whole shebang. HARROW, London, UK: Ladbrokes […]

Panasonic names new head of marketing, branding

Steve’s breakdown: This ex-Kodak executive has some integration to do and I suspect that could mean an agency consolidation and/or a social media strategy to tie it all together. Either way, there’s opportunity in New Jersey. SECAUCUS, NJ: Panasonic Corporation of North America has appointed Betty Noonan to lead its marketing and branding functions. Ms. Noonan, who was most […]

IMAX Corporation Names Chief Marketing Officer

Steve’s breakdown: The new guy is tasked with “tapping into the emotional connection consumers have with The IMAX Experience” around the globe. And I guess this ex-Red Bull executive can also tap into the “Red Bull gives you wings” idea too but he’s never worked with Hollywood before. He’s going to need your help with […]

FIAT North America issues RFI

Steve’s breakdown: Though we are scooping the entire ad blogosphere  breaking this one, we don’t have all the details. Luckily Roth Associates does. So ask their New York Office ASAP. Roth Associates, 120 East 79th Street, Suite 5C, New York, NY 10021, 212 861 9420 FYI: We reported on Fiat’s digital business going into review back in January. DETROIT/NEW […]

Tim Hortons CEO exits abruptly

Steve’s breakdown: Did taking on McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts & Starbucks head-on break this 20 year vet. If it didn’t, it should have. Look for some big marketing chances over at Tim Hortons. If you ask me, and I know you’re not, having a human resources guy be your CEO when invading the USA is just […]

Whitbread reviews creative account for restaurant portfolio

Steve’s breakdown: This is a big company with not only restaurants but hotels and coffee shops. So becoming a roster agency will lend itself to further opportunities. Though it seems a formal brief has been given out to a number of shop, don’t let that stop you from making contact. That’s especially if you have […]

Restaurant.com Welcomes New President/CMO/IT Guy

Steve’s breakdown: The reason for this hire was to find someone to oversee and unify the company’s marketing and IT functions. If your agency has that kind of capability, I’d call him just to find out what he’s thinking let alone win some business. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL: Restaurant.com, the trusted and valued source connecting restaurants and diners […]

$250 million Dish Network account launches creative review

Steve’s breakdown: We had the Dish Network account back in the day at the Romann Group. Does anybody remember the “Stop Feeding the Pig” campaign? If you haven’t been in the cable/satellite provider biz, it is brutal. So make sure you have the guts to handle it before you commit to the pitch. ENGLEWOOD, CO: Dish Network’s new […]

Ireland plans marketing blitz after success of two visits

Steve’s breakdown: You gotta love it when the guy at the top says something like “if extra money has to be spent, I want this to happen.” Here’s an example of how excited they are. Marketing experts estimate that the photograph of President Obama downing a pint of plain in Ollie Hayes’s bar is worth over $200 […]

AP Hires Marketing Director From American Express

Steve’s breakdown: Normally I wouldn’t report on this type of news but when they say the new guy “will be in charge of developing and implementing a marketing strategy for the company as it expands its video business and helps customers evolve in a digital age” I take notice. Make sure to introduce yourself before this […]

Nevada Commission on Economic Development issues RFP

Steve’s breakdown: The RFP is due on June 23, 2011 @ 2:00 p.m to the State of Nevada, Purchasing Division, via e-mail at [email protected] The RFP document can be downloaded here: http://purchasing.state.nv.us/services/1930.doc For additional information, please contact: Marcy Troescher, Purchasing Officer, [email protected], (775) 684-0199 And as usual, the first question will be what’s the budget but be gentle when asking. They get […]

Malaysia Airlines readies RFP for global pitch

Steve’s breakdown: RFPs have not been sent out yet so whether or not your agency can get in on the fun is completely up to your powers of persuasion and global capabilities. The sooner you make the call, the better. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia Airlines is inviting agency networks to pitch for its creative advertising account in […]

J.P. Morgan Asset Management Names Retirement CMO

Steve’s breakdown: One wonders why this position never existed before considering the huge amount of work she now has to do. The job description is as follows: “In this new position, Ms. Baer will define and develop J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s retirement client experience, leveraging the vast intellectual capital and resources of the firm to […]

New CEO takes the reins of RadioShack

Steve’s breakdown: Though there wasn’t much fanfare, the new CEO of RadioShack did announce some big plans to expand the signature assortment, improve in-store presentation and increase spending on targeted marketing. And since he is a financial guy, he might need a little guidance on that last one. FORT WORTH, TX: At a sparsely attended […]

T-Mobile on the Hunt for Social-Media Shop

Steve’s breakdown: There are a lot of moving parts with this news but one executive said the pitch includes social-media management, app development and web design. Developing . . . BELLEVUE, WA: Hot on the heels of T-Mobile USA’s proposed $39 billion sale to AT&T, T-Mobile is ramping up its digital efforts with a review for […]

Former A-B InBev exec buys O’Fallon Brewery

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s a brewery that almost didn’t make it. Distributed in 11 states with a loyal following, O’Fallon now has a steady hand on the wheel. Look for these folks to pump up marketing to return to its former glory and beyond. O’FALLON, MO: Wheach, 5-Day IPA and other O’Fallon Brewery beers will soon […]

Fall TV season prediction: Pan Am takes flight

Steve’s breakdown: It’s Friday and I love to take time to post something fun before the weekend. I don’t usually make predictions. That’s how lots of new business guys go down in flames. But the new ABC show Pan Am is going to rock prime time. Not only have I always thought Pan Am was […]

Crown Seeks New Agencies for Corona Light, Modelo Especial

Steve’s breakdown: With craft beers taking off and big beer brands taking a beating, there is one brew bucking the trend. Modelo Especial. If you can get in this review and win, you’ll be riding the wave of success. The Corona Light biz is major gravy. CHICAGO, IL: Modelo Especial, one of the hottest brands […]

Coca-Cola CMO promoted to Chief Sustainability Officer

Steve’s breakdown: The company seems pretty happy about this promotion but they don’t say a word about the next CMO. Let’s all keep a close eye on this. ATLANTA — The Coca-Cola Company today announced that Beatriz (“Bea”) Perez, currently Chief Marketing Officer for Coca-Cola North America, will become the Company’s Chief Sustainability Officer, effective […]

Kraft opens talks with creative hotshops

Steve’s breakdown: Kraft Foods is looking to add more creative firepower to its advertising roster. The lead guy on the pitch is an Ogilvy alum but they already have some of the business. I think this is a good old fashion creative shootout so go for it! LINDBERGH, Switzerland: The global food corporation is currently […]

Mitsubishi scouts for creative partner

Steve’s breakdown: It’s account reviews like this that remind us the English speaking world is much bigger than we think. India was part of the British Empire until 1947 so don’t be afraid to dream about opening an Indian office.  Or better yet, you already have one and can call these guys today. CHENNAI, India: […]

Müller Dairy calls $48 million media review

Steve’s breakdown: Their marketing director, Lee Rolston, is running this pitch. Be patient with him because he just went through a creative review in February which TBWA\London won. SHROPSHIRE, UK: Müller Dairy has launched a review of its estimated $48 million media planning and buying business in key markets in Europe. The review is thought […]

USA creates marketing body for tourism & economic development

Steve’s breakdown: It’s been a while since we’ve had an organization like this and it’s about time. They just started but plan to be up and running with funding by October. One of the Vice Chairs of the board is George Fertitta; founder of advertising agency Margeotes|Fertitta + Partners and my ex-boss. You might want […]

TD Ameritrade launches $300 million creative review

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s one we didn’t just call but asked for back in April. Hopefully you all took notice and already have credentials over there. If not, maybe now you’ll listen . . . There are two separate articles presented below. OMAHA, NE: TD Ameritrade is reviewing its creative business at Ogilvy & Mather. Ogilvy’s […]

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority issues RFP

Steve’s breakdown: No account-in-review is too small for the Ratti Report so if you’re in the market, here are the deets. The “mobility” stands for transportation if you were wondering. A full description of the authority and the scope of work is outlined below. The marketing budget is estimated at $350,000. The due date for […]

$115 million Toys ‘R’ Us media account is in review

Steve’s breakdown: This review looks well underway so it’s time to pull out any magic phone numbers you might have if you want in. WAYNE, NJ: Toys “R” Us is conducting a media review for its nearly $115 million account, according to executives familiar with the matter. The company has sent a request-for-information document to […]

Time to contact Western Union

Steve’s breakdown: On CNBC today, Hikmet Ersek, Western Union president & CEO talked about the who, what & where of the company. The most surprising fact that came out of the interview was he said the “I” word. When asked who were his customers, he plainly said Immigrants! As for Ersek, he has moved fast […]

Smucker’s adds two leading Hispanic coffee brands to portfolio

Steve’s breakdown: To quote a Smucker’s VP “These brands are particularly strong in Florida and New York and we expect to grow these brands both within and beyond these regions by expanding distribution and marketing.” What else do you need to hear? Make the call. We reported on big changes at Smucker’s in March including […]

KB Home Names VP of Marketing

Steve’s breakdown: Beverage guy alert! Hey – I’m a big fan of “cross training” marketing folks. That’s what most advertising professionals are and why they can tackle almost any project. But from drinks to dwellings is a bit of a leap. Needless to say, this guy will probably welcome any big ticket item advise you […]

Visit Kent seeks digital agency

Steve’s breakdown: Now that the royal wedding has come and gone, the country is gearing up for the Olympics in London. And now that I think about it, so should you. So check this opportunity out and then start brain storming who will be next. We will! KENT, UK: As Visit Kent begins a partnership […]

Aer Lingus seeks creative agency

Steve’s breakdown: You’ll need a little luck of the Irish to get into this pitch because from the looks of it, they’ve already started. But if you’re in the neighborhood and have airline experience, that might be all the luck you’ll need. DUBLIN, Ireland: Several of the biggest agencies in Ireland are pitching for the […]

Atkins Nutritional advertising account resigned by agency

Steve’s breakdown: This agency was so happy to resign this business it sent out a press release. Not a good sign. On the other hand, Atkins might need a “rebound boy friend” . . .  I mean agency so go for it! ATLANTA, GA:  – LeeReedy/Xylem Digital goes on Atkins Diet; sheds 800 lbs. Effective […]

Turmoil at Foxwoods could spell marketing opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: The you-know-what is hitting the fan at Foxwoods. In February they lose their CMO and now, not only do these three executives leave, their bartenders have voted to form a union – – again. This all spells out big changes and that has to include marketing. The website is a shell of its […]

Do the Adirondacks need a tourism brand to attract more visitors?

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes you have to help create a new account to win one. Here’s a perfect example of when people realize they need to advertising but just need a little convincing. Will your agency be the one who pitches them over the top? Try these folks first: http://visitadirondacks.com LAKE PLACID, NY: For decades, the […]

adidas has new global CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Accuse me if this smells like stage one of a consolidation. I could be wrong but whether you’re a roster shop or not, I’d keep a close eye on this one. And judging by their home page image shown here, sports is their “overall brand direction.” HERZOGENAURACH, Germany: adidas has appointed Hermann Deininger […]

State of Vermont marketing account is in review

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s a two year contract to handle the Vermont account. The whole schmear! The proposals are due June 9, 2011. And here’s the entire document: RFP LINK And BTW: We called this one back in March. MONTPELIER, VT: Vermont State government is seeking bid proposals from vendors competent to deliver marketing and communications […]

Darden promotes new CMO and 3 other senior positions

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a lot of movement going on at Darden at the end of the month. But that’s plenty of time to introduce your agency to the folks in all those new positions. Start with the new CMO, JJ Buettgen. Darden’s brands include: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze […]

GMG Radio puts Real Radio creative account into review

Steve’s breakdown: AAR London is either doing way more account reviews than New York or they just don’t care about the press finding out. Anyway, an account like this is a great way to set yourself up for more GMG business such as Smooth Radio and Rock Radio. And so you know, Real Radio covers […]

Pabst Blue Ribbon moves to LA

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve been writing a lot about Pabst since the Metropoulos family took over. The Colt 45 Blast debacle and the new CEO & COO announcements are two stories we covered. Though they have had a few missteps, this move could be the moment they finally settle down and get to work marketing their […]

HireVue welcomes new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: They seem pretty high on the new guy and are probably expecting some big things. They do have some big clients but a well oiled lead generating marketing program will most definitely help with getting more. If that’s your thing, I’d give them a call SALT LAKE CITY, UT: HireVue, a leading provider […]

Mystic, CT plans $1 million online marketing push

Steve’s breakdown: I’ve read a number of reports regarding this news and no one seems to be saying who will actually do the work. Maybe someone needs to tell them it should be you? MYSTIC, CT: The latest marketing plan aimed at luring visitors to southeastern Connecticut recommends spending up to $1 million, chiefly by […]

Best Buy Circulates RFP to Multiple Shops

Steve’s breakdown: It’s being reported this review is for radio, email and direct mail services so if that’s your bag in the retail sector, there could be a chance to get included in the pitch. RICHFIELD, MN: Electronics giant Best Buy is soliciting information from numerous ad agencies outside of its lead agency partner, MDC […]

BBC Worldwide reviews advertising account

Steve’s breakdown: There are a lot of shops in the BBC agency roster but this assignment is for BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. AAR is handling the review so if at the very least, this is another reminder to get your credentials over there. LONDON, UK: The appointed agency will be responsible for […]

Marketing department shake up at TimeWarner

Steve’s breakdown: There was so much movement in the marketing department at TimeWarner, it’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel to find some kind of project to get your foot in the door. NEW YORK, NY: Time Warner is promoting Kristen O’Hara to Chief Marketing Officer and has hired Michael Benson, ABC (NYSE: DIS) […]

York County Communities That Care issues RFP for logo and web design

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s one of those small regional opportunities I’ve been talking about. The RFP is due May 20, 2011 and the you can view the document at the URL below. YORK, PA: The County Organization is accepting proposals to design and develop their logo and website. This will be a concept-to-completion production. The logo design should […]

Harveys kicks off $24 million ad review

Steve’s breakdown: This review is being handled by AAR so hopefully they already have your credentials in house. Harvey’s has over 150 stores throughout the UK and is the #2 chain in it’s market. THURROCK, UK: Harveys, the furniture store, is on the hunt for an agency to handle its $24 million advertising account. The company […]

Nintendo Welcomes New Marketing Overlord

Steve’s breakdown: Package goods dude might have a bit of a learning curve at Nintendo but he will bring in some change. Which, as you know, is what we are all looking for. If you know gaming, go for it. REDMOND, WA: Nintendo of America has finally filled the empty position of Executive Vice President […]

Aircel reviews creative biz

Steve’s breakdown: Celebrity spokes couple Surya & Jothika are doing the advertising now on this acoount but the creative could use some help. Be aware they seem to prefer big agencies. DELHI, India: Telecom major Aircel is reviewing its creative business. It is understood that the presentation would take place later this month. The current incumbent on […]

$2.5 million National Museums Northern Ireland account seeks advertising agency

Steve’s breakdown: It’s rare to find news about a review before the actual review so if you’re in the market for a museum account in Ireland, you’ve got a chance at this one. Deadline to get into this review is June 6th! CULTRA, Holywood, Northern Ireland: National Museums Northern Ireland is to tender for an agency […]

Vonage Appoints Chief Marketing Officer

Steve’s breakdown: Vonage hired a new ad agency in 2009 but you have to wonder how happy they are if they’re bringing in a new CMO. The image to the left is from the latest TV campaign which you can see via the YouTube link at the bottom of this post. HOLMDEL NJ: Vonage Holdings […]

Tree.com Names new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: This is a big one in the financial dot com world. Tree.com includes the LendingTree, RealEstate.com, GetSmart.com, HomeLoanCenter.com, RealEstate.com, REALTORS®, iNest.com and Domania.com brands. Check out their video at Tree.com and you’ll get an idea of how to pitch these folks. BTW: We reported on May 4th that LendingTree.com creative went into review so […]

S.C. hotel executive to lead Lexington, KY tourism group

Steve’s breakdown: If you’ve been reading our tourism reports over the past few months you that tourism advertising is the hottest line item in any government’s budget. ROI is incredible high so look for Lexington to step it up. BTW: I went to school in Lexington so be nice. LEXINGTON, KY: The new head of […]

CouponCabin.com gets CareerBuilder’s ex-CMO

Steve’s breakdown: They seem to be all jazzed up about the advertising the new guy did while at CareerBuilder. So my guess is there’s probably a new ad agency in their future. Be the first to call. CHICAGO, IL: CouponCabin.com, a leading online coupon website, has hired Richard Castellini as CMO. Prior to joining CouponCabin.com, Castellini […]

Starr Companies hires new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: This is one of those companies that have to look good and that means high production values in their marketing. As for the new CMO, she’s and ex-MetLife and AIG executive so she knows how to spend money. NEW YORK, NY: Leilani Brown has joined Starr Companies as vice president and chief marketing […]

Precious Metals Exchange Purchases Legends Bar BQ Inc

Steve’s breakdown: Did your brain have a mini-seizure when you read that headline? Mine did. It doesn’t seem to bother the almost new owners because they’ve already figured out their marketing. They say “our promotional events and national advertising campaign will feature stars from sports both from today and yesterday. We will also cater to […]

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