New Mobile Service with no AOR

Steve’s breakdown: Comcast launched Xfinity Mobile not too long ago. (Surprising they used that name considering how people feel about the brand) But now they bought a boatload of wireless spectrum so it’s getting serious. No word on who the ad agency is/will be.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Comcast Corp. bought $1.7 billion in wireless spectrum as the third-largest buyer of airwaves in the recent airwaves auction at the Federal Communications Commission.

The airwaves could be used Comcast’s recently launched cellular phone business, marketed as Xfinity Mobile, analysts have said.

T-Mobile and satellite-TV operator Dish were the two largest buyers.

Comcast had no comment on the auction results because of government restrictions.

In Philadelphia, the nation’s fourth-largest TV market, 26 stations — virtually the entire sector, from the highest-valued CBS3 to the lowest-valued WHYY-TV — were listed by the government agency as potentially participating in the FCC auction.

Nationally, Comcast and 61 other telecom companies qualified as buyers of the newly available spectrum.

Hundreds of TV stations nationwide will have 39 months to relocate to new channel as part of a “repacking” of the airwaves related to the spectrum auction. TV stations that don’t meet the deadline could lose their broadcast licenses.

The National Association of Broadcasters says that the 39 months is arbitrary and should be rethought.

“The complexity of this thing is beyond daunting,” NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton said on Thursday. “It will make the switch to digital from analog look like a walk in the park.”


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