2013 Predictions from the Financial Sector

2013 Predictions from the Financial Sector

Steve’s breakdown: You know we make account review predictions here all the time. It’s a skill I’ve had to perfect out of shear survival as a new business professional.

But we’re not the only one’s with a crystal ball. CNBC made a few 2013 predictions of their own and we’d like to share them with you along with our new business commentary.

UNITED STATES: CNBC’s anchors, reporters, editors and contributors make calls on what 2013 will bring.

1) UnderArmour Will Make Serious Moves At Nike: Baltimore, Maryland

CNBC: Nike still owns the shoe business, but if UnderArmour can get things going with its sneaker business, it will make a huge move to the upside. Its apparel has more cache with young Americans, and the growth trajectory has UA on a collision course with the sports icon from Oregon. My prediction is that UA profits and stock price will outperform Nike for the year.

Ratti Report: Any time a company goes for the #1 spot it means increased ad spending. Will there be a review? Probably not the traditional accounts but digital needs some help.

2) Hewlett-Packard Splits: Palo Alto, California

CNBC: Hewlett-Packard: All the king’s horse and all the king’s men (and CEO Meg Whitman) realize Hewlett-Packard cannot be put back together again. Before the end of 2013, the company is restructured, with the spinoff of its PC and printer business as HP makes a last-ditch effort to be like IBM.

Ratti Report: Two accounts are always better than one and if this spilt happens, these two companies will need two very different ad agencies.

3) Gates Back At Microsoft: Redmond, Washington

CNBC: With Windows 8 a disaster, and the Surface tablet not close to meeting original internal projections, Steve Ballmer’s days at Microsoft in 2013 are … over. The bigger surprise: Chairman Bill Gates returns as interim CEO in a last-ditch effort to do the impossible: re-engineer Microsoft to its former glory. Perhaps the only bright side: To keep investors engaged, Microsoft more than doubles its regular dividend.

Ratti Report: We talked about Steve Ballmer when we reported “CEOs Who Will Get Fired in 2013” and we suspect there will be some movement in the marketing department as well.

4) New York Jets Up For Grabs: Florham Park, New Jersey

CNBC: As the New York Jets franchise continues in disarray, season ticket holders will stop showing up at games. As a result, this will force Woody Johnson to rethink his ownership of the team. Longtime fans hope Mark Cuban is the buyer.

Ratti Report: After last night’s game, any change would be good. And a new owner would most likely mean an advertising review.

5) Good Riddance, $4 Gas: Everywhere, USA

CNBC: Gasoline prices will continue to vary widely depending on where you live. But an improving supply picture will help alleviate any price increases in the national average next year. In 2013, the return and restart of major refinery units from the East to West coasts, and particularly along the Gulf of Mexico, will enable the production of more gasoline and keep pump prices from topping the $4 mark.

Ratti Report: Lower gas prices mean lower shipping cost and that means more cash for available for advertising.


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