Chartis insurance puts the word out for a new CMO

Chartis insurance puts the word out for a new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve been covering these kinds of stories from the begining but starting today, we’re going to be doing it a lot more proactively. The idea is two fold:

1) If you can help a prospective client  find a new CMO, you’re in a great position to get the business.

2) Knowing that a prospective client is looking for a new CMO puts them on your radar so when the change happens, you’ll be all the more ready.

NEW YORK, NY: Chartis CMO Position Description: The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) supports the US and Canada Regional Consumer Division in moving from a product and distribution centric organization to a customer centric organization. The US/Canada CMO directly reports to the Global Consumer CMO with a matrix to the Region President.

The CMO will establish a consistent Consumer Marketing function across the Region that focuses on the Customer First, and is supported by world-class product development, distribution and servicing capabilities. Marketing strategy will be channel agnostic, driven by maximizing both customer and shareholder value over time.

The CMO will have responsibility over the following areas:
• Direct Marketing Head (and separate for Sponsor and Broad Market as needed)
• Digital / eBusiness Head
• Product Development Head
• Marketing and Risk Analytics
• Sales Support
• Marketing Services

Specifically, the CMO will be responsible for the following:

– Create a strong marketing culture focused on customer-centricity and sustainability.

– Oversee strategy rooted in research (quantitative, qualitative, primary and secondary) and analytics which includes:
• development at the Operating Region level is consistent with our Vision and Culture
• operating regions has strong underpinnings in research, analytics and conceptual framework
• strategy is multifaceted and does not become too one dimensional in any given country or region. Areas of strategic focus should include:
o Market Segmentation
o Value Proposition & Product Development
o Customer Experience
o Innovation
o Price Positioning
o Distribution / Delivery
o Brand / Positioning

– Establish a set of metrics that is used to manage and report on our business at country and region levels.
Areas that must be included in the metrics include:
• Financial targets by Product and Distribution – top and bottom line
• Direct Marketing Campaign Profitability
• Net Promoter Score
• Product Development (New products launched, % of premium from new products, products retired, etc.)
• Products per Customer
• Average Customer Lifespan
• Customer Retention


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