Colgate-Palmolive Hispanic Account Just Hanging Out There

Colgate-Palmolive Hispanic Account Just Hanging Out There

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve just started covering Hispanic marketing accounts full-time and we think this is a good start. Too bad it went down with an agency.

NEW YORK, NY: New York headquartered Hispanic advertising agency Siboney USA is closing. Employees have received 90-day notice, a source in Siboney said.

Siboney accounts include Colgate-Palmolive. It is likely that the CPG company decided to part ways with Siboney. Colgate is a leading Hispanic advertiser and has strong ties with Y&R (which may increase the chances of MEC Bravo to get the new account).

A Siboney employee told Portada that she can’t provide information about where the brands Siboney works for are headed to.

Siboney was founded in 1953 by Jose M. Cubas. Historically, it has had a focus on business, personal, and oral care products.  The agency has offices in New York and Miami.  Its current employees include Maria Fernanda Ordoñez, Director of Media Services, and Sr. Copywriter and Carlos Osorio.


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