Hello beautiful: New launches by Ciao Bella

Hello beautiful: New launches by Ciao Bella

Steve’s breakdown: There are a lot more new products coming on the market than we’ve been reporting. That ends today with this planned launch by Ciao Bella.

So give these folks a call and congratulate them on a launch well done in advance.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ: In a sneak peek of its spring slate, Ciao Bella today announced plans to expand its award-winning gelato and Adonia categories, including new novelty items and Greek frozen yogurt flavors.

Starting in April, Ciao Bella will add a new gelato novelty to its national retail offering: Sea Salt Caramel Gelato Squares. The new gelato sandwiches mark an addition to Ciao Bella’s established collection of dessert novelties that include the Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares, which are among the brand’s 17 NASFT Sofi Gold Award-winning products.

“We’re excited to share the Sea Salt Caramel Gelato Square, as it perfectly embodies what makes the Ciao Bella brand so unique,” said executive chef Danilo Zecchin. “By pairing our handcrafted Sea Salt Caramel Gelato with our signature novelty sandwich concept, we’re allowing consumers to enjoy a familiar Italian-inspired flavor with an innovative twist.”

Also joining the brand’s 2013 lineup are six new Adonia by Ciao Bella products, including five novelty items — Raspberry Vanilla Bars, Mango Vanilla Bars, Vanilla Squares, Chocolate Squares, and Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Squares — and one new yogurt flavor that infuses the brand’s Greek frozen yogurt line with a nod to its most popular sorbet flavor: Blood Orange Vanilla Swirl.


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